When Britney Spears Handled Her ‘Gimme More’ Situation Like A Queen After Her Bra Almost Fell Off During A Live Concert

When Britney Spears dodged a wardrobe malfunction on stage as her bra almost fell off during a live concert 

When Britney Spears Saved Herself The Embarrassment Of Wardrobe Malfunction On Stage

Everyone’s interested in the life of Britney Spears. It is full of controversies, ups and downs and mystery. From her being under a years-long conservatorship to her posting videos that raise concerns of her fans on social media, everything she does becomes news. The reason is obvious. Her magnificent voice, fabulous music videos and action-packed performances on stage made her fans forever loyal to her.

Britney Spears | Official Tumblr — Femme Fatale Tour - Amnéville, France  (10/5/11)Image gallery for Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour (TV) (TV) -  FilmAffinity

Speaking of her performance, there was a time when she dodged a wardrobe malfunction as her background dancers saved her top from falling off. Scroll on to learn more about it.

An Instagram page called Britney Spears Lovers shared an old video of the singer where she was delivering a high-octane performance on stage. She was dancing to the song I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll when the dangerous incident happened. The singer’s top, a colourful bralette with leather and stud detailing, almost came off. It had halter neck straps and one in the middle to give a dominatrix feel. The straps broke from behind, but before the top could come off, her background dancers came to her rescue.

The video showed two of her dancers getting her back – literally – and tying up her straps from behind. All the while, Britney Spears did not stop singing and performing. She placed her hands on her br*asts to stop the bra from falling off. The top complemented the lower half of the attire that featured a wide studded leather belt that had a yellow fabric attached to it on one half that looked like a skirt.

While the video looked fab and we are super impressed with Brit, her fans seemed quite upset in the comment section.

One wrote, “I don’t know why she didn’t just fix it herself, it’s not like she’s putting a lot of effort into the performance. She can’t dance and she isn’t exactly singing live as she never has.”

Another said, “A true professional keeps lip-syncing no matter what.”

A user wrote, “First impression as a good girl Britney turn into an only fans adult. 😂”

While the last one said, “Have never understood the draw to her. Terrible voice. Average dancer & entertainer”

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