UPDATE: Kyle Walker agrees personal terms when Bayern Munich open transfer talks with Man City

According to The Sun, KYLE WALKER has reportedly agreed personal terms with Bayern Munich.

The right-back was offered a two-year contract extension by Manchester City.

Kyle Walker has reportedly agreed personal terms with Bayern Munich

But Walker is open to leaving after winning the Treble, having spent six years at City.

Additionally, according to Florian Plettenberg, he has orally agreed to a two-year contract with an additional year option and might sign with Bayern this summer.

Bayern and City must now agree on his transfer fee as the next stage.

That might be challenging because Pep Guardiola reportedly doesn’t want to lose Walker.

Walker has long desired to play abroad, so the opportunity to join Bayern appeals to him.

Thomas Tuchel is keen to land Walker as a replacement for Benjamin Pavard – who is expected to leave the club this summer.

The German head coach is understood to be a fan of the ex-Tottenham man’s “defensive qualities, speed and mentality”.

Walker is believed to appreciate Tuchel greatly, and he would be able to continue playing for the Bundesliga champions in the Champions League.

Harry Kane, an English teammate, has also been strongly linked with a transfer to the German powerhouses.

With Bayern officials traveling in London this week to talk about a transfer with Daniel Levy, Kane is apparently receptive to the idea.

With only one year left on his contract, Kane is believed to desire to transfer to Germany, according to Bayern, who had sought to do a £60 million deal.

Levy has claimed to Real Madrid that the club’s top player is not for sale, despite the fact that he would consider offers above £100 million.

Inside Kyle Walker’s £3.6m mansion – Where the Man City star can show off his cooking skills

When he’s not defending on the pitch, England footballer Kyle Walker can be found relaxing in the Cheshire home he shares with his fiancée Annie Kilner and their three children

From the moment the gates swung open and revealed their impressive abode, we were blown away by their lavish home, which is rumoured to be worth £3.6m.

Kyle Walker and his partner Annie Kilner at their stunning home back in 2018

The home has an underground swimming pool, a home gym, and is situated on more than half an acre of land.

Memorabilia from Kyle’s extraordinary career is also scattered throughout the space, including his Champion’s Medal from Manchester City’s 2018 Premier League victory.

A playroom, a plush dining room with velvet chairs, and a modern kitchen with family photos and the kids’ artwork are all present.

The property is reportedly worth £3.6 million

The five-bedroom home features an underground swimming poolk complete with inflatables

The house has a screen big enough to watch football

Kyle Walker has been granted permission to create his £250k luxury gym at his £3.6m mansion

The couple’s huge sitting room has plenty of room to chill out

The lavish abode is filled with plush interiors

Kyle and Annie’s home featured five bedrooms

The couple’s home also had a gym

Kyle proudly showed off his England kit

There is a swimming pool located in the garden of his amazing home

Kyle’s impressive pad boasts an amazing modern kitchen

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