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When two white tiger kittens were born during a cyclone and their sanctuary flooded, they were separated from their mother.

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However, they have since discovered an unlikely surrogate mother in the chimpanzee Anjana, who is now caring for the offspring.

These adorable images will soften the souls of even the most jaded individuals.

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Anjana assists in the caring of the children.

The two-year-old chimpanzee has assisted caretaker China York in caring for the 21-day-old offspring at TIGERS in South Carolina.

Dr. Bhagavan, founder of TIGERS, noted that Mitra and Shiva were born during Hurricane Hannah.   “During that time, everything in the sanctuary inundated, and their mother’s anxiety caused them to be relocated into the home.

It was crucial that they were separated for their protection.

The children have become almost inseparable from their new motherly figures after being placed in the custody of China and her companion chimpanzee, Anjna.

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Anjana assists keeper China York tend for the cubs during feeding time.


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Anjana and the puppies, my two closest companions, have become inseparable.

Dr. Bhagavan continued, ‘China’s position necessitates that she care for hundreds of newborn animals.

Since her birth, Anjana has lived alongside China and assisted her in providing for and rearing baby animals.

‘Therefore, she assisted her and served as a surrogate mother to these creatures, just as she did with these infant white tigers.

She functions as a surrogate mother by giving them a formula and lying with them. She has a tight relationship with them and nurtures them.’

China has cared for the female chimpanzee Anjana since her birth, and they have been inseparable ever since.

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Hugs: Anjana has imitated China’s compassionate behavior as caretaker

This has also led to Anjana imitating China’s benevolent behavior.

“She has raised leopards, lions, and orangutans,” Dr. Bhagavan explained. She has adopted a’monkey see, monkey do’ personality and assists China in raising the creatures.

She recently completed nurturing four lions, and they were inseparable. She is an outstanding assistant.

The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species is a wildlife education organization committed to advancing global conservation through interactive programs that are informative, educational, and engaging.

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