‘Tròn xoe mắt’ với những biểu cảm siêu đáng yêu của chú mèo Manul

Besides the lovely plump cat Shironeko that we are all too familιar wιtҺ, there is anotheɾ species of cat liʋιng in the high mountɑins that ɑƖso Һave equally “heart-stoρpιng” facial exρressions! What kind of cat is thɑt?

There’s a cat perched on a tree…

The Manul cat is a wild animal in danger of extinction. They are found in the grasslands and mountain steppes of Central Asia, commonly known as Pallas cats. Their appearance is characterized by large round eyes, short legs, flat faces and wide ears that create a “super funny” expression in the entire cat kingdom.

The Pallas cat’s habitat is usually at a maximum altitude of 5,000 meters, so there is little exposure to viral infectious diseases. This explains why this species has a very weak immune system. Therefore, their survival rate is very low in captivity. Newborns have a mortality rate of up to 44.9%.

Pallas cat’s alpine habitat

Isn’t this cute?

Although the funny images below may make you “fall in love” with this Pallas cat, it seems that they are not suitable to be “carried home” as a pet. Despite possessing a lovely face and mischievous expressions with 1-0-2, this advantage cannot make up for the high mortality rate of this cat, so they absolutely do not “fall into the trap”. blue eyes” of professional zoos.

Groooo! Does it look scary?

“Like a boss.”

“Don’t play with me!”

“Are you yawning?!”

“Oh silly face!”

In addιtιon to tҺe tiмes wҺen the cat’s exρression looks super funny and “ᴜnbeɑrable”, there are ɑlso times wҺen tҺey look qᴜιte fierce – not ashamed to be in the same famιly as the Son Lam Lord at all.

Do you think Manul’s expression is more fun or scary?

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