Dog uses his head to push, trying to wake you up
This heartbreaking and moving story happened on the street in Zhangzhou province, Fujian, China. A dog was hit by a car and lay dead on the road.

Your companion dog has stood by and repeatedly licks your face in a desperate attempt to wake you up. After realizing that he could not save his girlfriend’s life, the dog still did not leave, but stayed there for 6 hours.

Always looking at you even when running away from cars

Never too far from where you lie
Mr. Xiao, a butcher by the roadside, said: “The dog stayed with his girlfriend all day after the accident. It licks its face, pushes and tries to wake you up very touching. I even saw her tears fall.”
Mr. Xiao also said that after the accident, the dog ran around and tried to hug his girlfriend with his front legs. It always keeps an eye on you even when it has to run to another place to avoid the car. The dog never runs too far and always keeps the shortest possible distance from her friend.
The dog definitely won’t leave your body
According to Xiao, he found the lost dog not long ago and started feeding it. Then, about a week ago, the two dogs got to know each other. “I realized the dog has a boyfriend. They stay together most of the time, hanging out and having fun together,” Xiao said.