Touched Ƅy tҺe dyιng dog’s ɾeaction wҺen he leɑɾned he was saved

The video clip of a thin dog because of a long wait to wag its tail when found on Undaipur Road, India has made the online community extremely emotional. 

Abandoned dog on the streets of India.  (Photo: Internet)

Abandoned dog on the streets of India. (Photo: Internet)

The story of feral dogs is no longer strange to everyone, but every time you watch it, you can’t help but be touched by their will to live. This time is the story of a stray dog ​​on the streets of India who kept hope alive until the rescue team found it and brought it home for treatment.

It seemed that this dog had no hope of life left.  (Photo: Internet)
It seemed that this dog had no hope of life left. (Photo: Internet)

Members of Animal Aid Unlimited (AAU) organization found a stray dog ​​lying on the streets of Undaipur, India in a thin state on the dusty and dirty ground. Many passersby did not dare to approach for fear of being infected with the disease, it seems that it has been starved for a very long time, hope of life is very shaky.

But when it discovered that the rescue team was approaching, felt the humanity and maybe this was the last hope for survival, the uncle suddenly wagged his tail happily. It seemed that all its strength was concentrated on its tail to call for help.

It put its last strength into its tail to beg for help.  (Photo: Internet)

It put its last strength into its tail to beg for help. (Photo: Internet)

The rescue team gently caressed to forget the pain before gently lifting and transporting to the veterinary station. Within 14 days, the dog was treated and cared for by the doctors. Now, it has returned to a beautiful life, starting to integrate with the “canine community” at the center of AAU – an organization that rescues and returns more than 4,500 animals to the wild.

Touched by the dying dog's reaction when he learned he was saved

Rescuers brought it back and took good care of it.  (Photo: Internet)

Rescuers brought it back and took good care of it. (Photo: Internet)

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