The “unique, expensive but worth” hobbies of technology billionaires

Tech billionaires are growing day by day. Among them are a few secretive, frugal, most of the others spend money on ordinary high-class living such as buying luxury villas or enjoying luxurious luxury vacations. However, there are a few big names, in addition to owning real estate at a reasonable rate, plus spending more time on higher goals like donating to charity or signing family commitments. Join the Giving Pledge team, they’ve also used their billions to pursue incredible passion projects. They have all the unusual criteria such as unique and expensive, but they are worthy of the quality they have, the souls who are eager to explore and dedicate. The three names mentioned are Larry Ellison, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk.

Elon Musk, play for creative inspiration

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Getty Images

Elon Musk, the world’s richest billionaire in 2021, the boss of the space technology project SpaceX and electric car company Tesla, once made the 4-wheeler world surprised and confused when he spent 920,000 USD 8 years ago. to win the auction of the Lotus Esprit, the submarine car featured in the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

When he was a kid in South Africa, Musk fell in love with the unique car that the 007 guy used to drive out of the dock, press a button, the Lotus Esprit instantly transforms into a submersible underwater. As a child, he was disappointed because he thought it was difficult to come true, only in science fiction movies. But as an adult, Musk technically believes he can upgrade the car with Tesla’s electric powertrain to make it a real car to meet the real needs of the market. So he decided to “play”!


Now, that he owns Lotus Esprit for nearly a million, it seems that Elon Musk is available to replace of the design template of a submarine hybrid car, although it is not known how long it will lie in a corner and not yet. know when you plan to use it. Thus, it was the movies that inspired Elon Musk to enjoy this different hobby.

Jeff Bezos, using his own hobby to serve the future of mankind


In addition to his passion for space when he founded the rocket company Blue Origin, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also invested $42 million in funding to design a mechanical watch called “The 10,000 Clock”. five” will be located on a mountain in the state of Texas. Aimed at the long-term future of humanity and the Earth, this all-mechanical clock is 154m tall and operates on energy from a day-night thermal cycle that synchronizes time with the Sun..

And yet, in 2013, this CEO also sponsored an expedition to the bottom of the ocean to recover the remaining engine parts of the Apollo 11 spacecraft. To carry out this mission, Bezos himself led the team. while piloting unmanned robots to dive more than 4,200 meters deep in the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Canaveral, Florida. He shared his feelings while enjoying this “unique, weird” game with the Seattle Times: “Really touching and bringing those pieces to the deck has given me all the feelings I have had. once when he was 5 years old about the Apollo moon mission If this game inspires the world to have another young explorer or inventor do something great for the world, I’m very satisfied.”

Larry Ellison, buy an island to improve the environment

Andre Seale_Reuters

Since the end of last year, billionaire founder of Oracle Larry Ellison has completely moved to the Hawaiian island of Lanai, where he owns 98% of the shares worth 300 million USD of this property since 8 years ago. In the world, many CEOs spend money to buy many expensive houses and lands, but perhaps few are like Larry Ellison. The island has 90,000 acres of land including several resorts and is home to more than 3,200 residents. Not buying to hold or speculating like some billionaires, Ellison plans to use this vast land to experiment with eco-friendly activities like solar power and electric vehicles.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page with the space dream development game

An airship, although not the one Sergey Brin may be building. Darren Staples _Reuters;

Google founder Sergey Brin is said to have invested between 100 and 150 million dollars of his own money to build a flying balloon, a type of spacecraft nearly 183m long, at a NASA research center near Mountain View, California. He envisioned his product being used to deliver supplies and food to remote locations on humanitarian missions or as an “air yacht” for friends and family… According to him, new technology for building spacecraft promises to significantly reduce the cost of transporting goods per mile.

Another Google co-founder, Larry Page, is also very interested in flying vehicles, seeing it as his own hobby. The page has funded three different flying car startups. Specifically, he invested in Conrad, a two-seat flying taxi, in a flying boat called the Flyer, and in Opener, a flying vehicle startup called BlackFly.


Like many other CEOs who have private jets, Page and Brin “play” differently. In 2005, the two bought an old Boeing 767-200 passenger plane but redesigned the interior in a very Google style. It has an additional dining area, two bathrooms with adjoining bathrooms, and multiple reception cabins. Page-Brin’s jet can accommodate up to 50 passengers with all standard first-class seats.

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