The star Ronaldo comforted the Japanese boy who couldn’t hold back his tears before the PSG draw

The star Ronaldo comforted the Japanese boy who couldn’t hold back his tears before the PSG draw

When Cristiano Ronaldo appears in front of his supporters, regardless of their age, he radiates an aura and a presence that leaves them in complete and utter amazement.

His amazing career longevity, unflinching work ethic, burning love for success, and unmatched competitiveness are just a few of the unmistakable attributes that make him an ideal sporting hero for aspiring footballers and ardent fans alike. His unshakeable work ethic, burning desire for triumph, and unmatched competitiveness are also just a few of the qualities that make him an ideal sporting hero.

During a preseason friendly between Al-Nassr and Paris Saint-Germain, it came as no surprise to see the emotional impact the 38-year-old player had on a young supporter of the club.

Ronaldo asserts that he is the “Messiah,” and he discusses how he brought the “dead” Serie A back to life.

The young child, who was Ronaldo’s mascot for the game, found it difficult to suppress his overpowering emotions when he saw the football star, who had previously thrived at both Manchester United and Real Madrid. The young youngster was serving as Ronaldo’s mascot for the game.

The child’s star-struck reaction was clear, and he couldn’t help but burst into uncontrolled tears as he clasped hands with the five-time winner of the Ballon d’Or. This was really a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the young boy.

As soon as Cristiano saw the young child crying tears of happiness, he quickly knelt down to console him and gave him a heartfelt embrace. He then proceeded to sign the young kid’s Al-Nassr shirt, which the boy proudly wore underneath his official mascot attire. After that, he left.

According to Inside Sport, Ronaldo had a moment of nostalgia during the same game when he attempted a bicycle kick. This brought back good memories of his jaw-dropping acrobatic goal that he scored against Juventus in the Champions League back in 2018.

Kids can often be seen playing soccer with Ronaldo.

According to a report that was published in a publication that is affiliated to Sports Brief, Cristiano Ronaldo’s touching interaction with children before Al-Nassr’s pre-season friendly with PSG in Japan was extremely moving.

Still on a preseason tour, this time in Japan, Ronaldo had the luxury of mingling with the club’s fanbase. One endearing scene that was captured on film and uploaded on Twitter saw the 38-year-old player participating in a friendly kickabout with a group of children.

The uplifting video shows how the Portuguese prodigy was able to easily mix his football artistry with the children, and they even managed to score a goal while he was doing it.

An attempt at a bicycle kick by Ronaldo

Still focusing on Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese veteran had a moment of nostalgia by attempting a bicycle kick similar to the one he scored used to score a magnificent goal against Juventus in 2018, as reported by Sports Brief.

During Al-Nassr’s pre-season encounter versus Paris Saint-Germain, the 38-year-old made the daring effort at scoring a goal. PSG are the defending champions of Ligue 1.

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