The remarkable journey of a 34-year-old travel influencer from Instagram to airline ownership

The remarkable story of a 34-year-old travel influencer who went from Instagram to owning his own airline with four Airbus A380 Superjumbo jets – Nicknamed the next Richard Branson, he once washed cars to save money for college.

James Asquith, the 34-year-old proprietor of Holiday Swap, is expanding his horizons by launching a Gatwick-based airline. The travel influencer regularly updates his 1,1 million Instagram followers on his jet-set lifestyle around the globe. The influencer is bringing his travel stories to a whole new level with the launch of Global Airlines, which has already acquired four jumbo jets. Asquith aspires to compete with the likes of Virgin Atlantic and British Airways using luxurious, enormous, double-decker A380 aircraft that he is purchasing used and at a discount.

“I think it’s the greatest commercial aircraft ever built,” he told Sky News, “but you have to do something to make passengers want to board.” The influencer desires to revive the “golden age” of flying as opposed to making travel tedious and uninspiring. “Return to the 747. So many people reminisce about the glory days when the lounge was located on the upper deck, and then a large number of individuals calculate that ‘we could actually fit 20 more business class seats on the upper deck,’ which gradually diminishes your capabilities. Asquith stated, “There must be a middle ground, and we believe we have found it.”

“The aviation industry is full of dreamers who want to fly the skies and introduce competition, but it’s difficult,” Paul Charles, former communications director at Virgin Atlantic, told Sky News. These aircraft are not only costly to fuel, but also difficult to park and maintain. In addition, only 261 were ever manufactured, and production ceased in 2021. Asquith is not demotivated, however. The determined entrepreneur, appropriately dubbed the next Richard Branson, has unwavering faith in his plan to revolutionize aviation travel. “The name Global says it all about our goals.” People can be skeptical, but they are always skeptical of any plan that sounds ludicrous, said the youngest person to visit all 196 sovereign countries in the world.

How it all began-Asquith was born in Cuckfield, United Kingdom, to a pilot and a flight attendant, which explains his passion for travel and his desire to operate an airline with a fleet of double-decker aircraft. Motivated at a tender age, the preteen washed cars to earn money on his street. Even as an adolescent, he maintained concentration and worked three jobs. The astute student invested his savings while studying at the London School of Economics. After graduating, Asquith obtained a position at HSBC and simultaneously pursued his longstanding ambition of traveling to every country.

By the age of 24, the maverick had accomplished his objective, broken a world record, and joined Deutsche Bank as a vice president. During his travels, he conceived of Holiday Swap, and in 2018 he gave up his banking career to pursue travel full-time.

His first entrepreneurial endeavor, Holiday Swap offers accommodation for $1-

The Holiday exchange app is the most cost-effective travel platform, allowing you to book, host, or exchange homes for $1 per night worldwide. In essence, you only pay for flights and not lodging. According to Newsfile Corp., the company, which is already present in 185 countries and has 500,000 consumers worldwide, has secured $15 million in funding, of which $10 million was raised at a $400 million valuation.

Global Airlines, the realization of a grand vision –James Asquith established Global Airline in 2021 and intends to fly SuperJumbo aircraft from Gatwick to New York by the spring of 2022. Who better to do so than someone who has traveled to every country on earth? After hundreds of flights during his travels, he gained first-hand knowledge of both positive and negative experiences.

Global Airlines will have approximately four A380s worth approximately $ 450 million each by 2024. The astute entrepreneur obtains at a discount the planes scrapped by other airlines that have no use for the enormous aircraft. His intentions included leasing more cost-effective aircraft to add to his fleet. The aircraft are designed to provide ample space for socializing on board.

By designing the world’s most comfortable aircraft, Global Airlines will launch with the motto of delivering an exceptional customer experience. The man who has devoted his life to travel is now preparing to enhance the flying experience for his followers and the entire globe.

Robyn Ferguson, a Scottish travel influencer with nearly 70k Instagram followers, is currently enjoying a lavish lifestyle in Dubai. In February of this year, she accepted Asquith’s proposal at Disneyland, one of her greatest places in the world. The owner of Max, a golden retriever, took to Instagram to congratulate her fiancée on the launch of Global Airlines.

She tweeted, “So incredibly proud of you, @jamesasquith.” No one knows this industry better than you, and with the INCREDIBLE team you’ve assembled, there is no doubt that @globalairlines will be The Best Way to Fly. Robyn’s Instagram feed is entertaining, filled with images of adorable Max, Disneyland, and exotic locales such as Vail, Maldives, Tuscany, Lake Como, and Greece, which complement her attractiveness to a T.

Asquith travelled all 196 countries in the world, setting a world record at merely 24-

As the youngest person to visit all 196 sovereign countries in 2013, 24-year-old self-made Asquith became the youngest person to travel to all 196 sovereign nations in 2013. In May of 2001, while he was a student at LSE, he visited Lithuania for the first time. In the five years between July 2008 and July 2013, he traveled extensively at a cost of nearly $160,000.

Asquith stated, “Back at LSE, twenty minutes into the first lecture of my second year, I closed my book and declared, “I’m never going to do this again. The complexity of the course has increased, but the year will be identical to last year.” I packed a bag and boarded a flight from Heathrow to South America, Sierra Leone, Iran, and Syria, where I spent nine months traveling and experiencing significant culture shock. Seven weeks before the end-of-year examinations, I returned to LSE and literally slept in the library (there was a beanbag and a shower) while catching up on my lectures. I received OK grades.’

He was able to afford his travel desires by investing in stocks, traveling inexpensively, and working odd jobs along the way.

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