The oldest son is considered to surpass Ronaldo

At home, the boy is still sometimes called “Cristianinho”, which means “Little Cristiano”. The reason is that father and son have many things in common, including the ability to play football. Ronaldo himself is pleased with this, ready to support the boy’s successor.

Ronaldo was introduced to football by his father from a very young age

“Let’s see if our son can become a great football player. He has potential. He’s fast and good, but that’s not enough. I’ve always taught my son to work hard. just to be successful. I don’t put pressure on him to become a footballer. But I want it to happen,” Ronaldo said.

the boy Ronaldo Jr also has the best conditions to develop. He used to go to the backyard to watch his father’s matches, gradually getting used to the heat on the field.

In particular, he also has the opportunity to join the youth teams of Real Madrid, Juventus and Man United – Europe’s leading training centres.

the boy Ronaldo Jr during his time in the youth categories of Real

remarkable scoring ability

Ronaldo Jr’s scoring talent is also extremely respectable. Just like his father, every time he takes the field, the boy scores continuously.

According to journalist Edu Cоrnagо, Ronaldo Jr during his time in Madrid scored 50 goals in 20 matches for the under-14 national team. Coming to the youth ranks of Juvetus, he played only 23 games to score 58 goals and 17 assists. On average, each game, the oldest Ronaldo will pocket 2-3 ɡoals. Each time he scores a goal, the boy does not forget to celebrate the “siuu” that has become his father’s trademark. Dona Dоlоres – Ronaldo’s mother – admitted that her grandson is better than CR7 at the same age.

Ronaldo Jr recria festa do pai

Além de ter instinto matador, Ronaldo Jr também possui a fisicalidade certa para se tornar um bom atacante. Algumas fontes dizem que o menino agora tem aproximadamente 1m70 de altura. esse número promete aumentar significativamente nos próximos anos.

Quando Ronaldo se mudou para a Arábia Saudita para jogar, o menino também seguiu seu pai e atualmente joga pelo time juvenil do Al Nassr. Apesar de muitas vezes ter que mudar o ambiente de vida, o menino ainda se integra muito rapidamente.

Recently, Gеorgina – Ronaldo’s long-time girlfriend – admitted that the kids are having a lot of fun in the new country.

Ronaldo Jr has come far in football needs time to respond. But with what he has, it is hoped that the boy will be able to achieve it and even surpass the achievements that CR7 has established. My son said to me, “Dad, let’s play a few more years, I want to play football with you,” Ronaldo said of his son’s wish.

Little Ronaldo Jr hopes to one day play football with his father

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