The never-ending drama of the Britney Spears family

After her sister released her all-encompassing memoir, many of which were detrimental to Britney Spears, her feud with her family became even more serious. The topic of Britney Spears and her loved ones was once again pushed into the spotlight.

Britney Spears has escaped the suffocating management of her biological father, but it may be a while before she escapes from the long-running drama with her family. Womanizer’s voice once shared in front of the media that her family treated her worse than a death row inmate. Britney has previously expressed her wish to see her father jailed for his behavior towards her over a decade.

The never-ending drama of the Britney Spears family - Photo 1.

Britney with mom, dad and brother Bryan.

Britney has also engaged in a heated war of words with Jamie Lynn Spears in recent days, especially after her sister released the memoir.

Accordingly, Jamie Lynn, 30, has been accused of making money off of Britney’s popularity. In her 240-page memoir, Jamie Lynn mentioned Britney’s name 197 times.

Jamie Spears – alcoholic father

As for her biological father – Jamie Spears – Britney has never restrained her emotions when it comes to him. “What he did to me… even a criminal wasn’t treated as bad as I was…”, Britney said.

The never-ending drama of the Britney Spears family - Photo 2.

Britney says her father deserves to go to jail for what he did.

It seems that growing up with a father like Jamie was not an easy experience for even Jamie Lynn. Britney’s sister has confirmed that their father has a drinking problem. And those are the scary memories of their childhood.

“He spent most of his life ravaging us. His drinking had always made me miserable,” Jamie Lynn wrote in her infamous memoir.

Previously, Lynne Spears – Jamie’s ex-wife and Britney’s mother – also accused the father of three of alcoholism in her autobiographies.

Although worried about her father’s health, Britney also cares for her mother, even at one point offering to buy her a house if she divorces Jamie. Lynne and Jamie went their separate ways in 2002, after 26 years of marriage.

Jamie Lynn quipped in her memoirs that this separation was “encouraged by her kind sister Britney”.

The never-ending drama of the Britney Spears family - Photo 3.

Jamie Lynn’s podcast conversation revealed Britney’s involvement in her parents’ divorce.

Speaking on the Call Her Daddy podcast to promote the memoir, Jamie Lynn told host Alexandra Cooper that the idea of ​​a child encouraging a mother to leave her father was a “really weird”. “I was really confused by that,” she said.

Lynne Spears – manipulator Jamie Spears?

Britney’s relationship with her mother has also been noticed in recent years. Like her daughter Jamie Lynn, Lynne has also used her relationship with pop princess Britney to write her own memoirs and is accused of being the “brain” behind Britney’s controversial role of bodyguard.

Last year, it was reported that Britney had refused to meet her mother, even hinting that Lynne was the one who arranged the 13-year conservatorship causing her misery and humiliation.

“My father wasn’t smart enough to come up with a script to put me under house arrest,” Britney wrote angrily in the Instagram post. She also said to Lynne: “I know exactly what I did.”

In another post on social media, the singer bluntly claimed that her parents had “ruined her life”. She wrote: “My dad may have started guardianship 13 years ago… but what people don’t know is that it was my mother who provided the idea for him. I will never get it back. those years of youth. She silently ruined my life.” The post was later deleted.

Before the incident became known to the media, Lynne released a statement in July 2021 in support of Britney’s efforts to remove James from custody. “It became clear to me that James P. Spears was incapable of putting my daughter’s interests ahead of his own,” she said.

Of course, her ex-husband hit back with a statement – accusing Lynne of being an irresponsible mother and claiming that she was paid $150,000 a year by her daughter for her Louisiana mansion . “Contrary to what has been said, it seems Lynne is the one incapable of putting her daughter’s interests ahead of her own. She doesn’t interfere in her daughter’s life for the most part. the last twelve years,” Jamie Spears said.

Jamie Lynn Spears made money from her sister’s fame?

The most recent development of the Spears family drama is about Jamie Lynn’s controversial memoir.

Despite that, Jamie Lynn has always denied her book is “making money” thanks to her sister’s popularity. Jamie Lynn also implied that her parents favored her older sister over her. Jamie Lynn said: “I was taught to treat Britney in a way that made things easier for her. Mom said things like: Come on, Jamie Lynn, we don’t want to upset your sister. Let Britney do it first. If it’s good for your sister, it’s good for us.”

The never-ending drama of the Britney Spears family - Photo 4.

Britney and Jamie Lynn recently communicated only through social media posts.

Jamie Lynn also used the book to tell the world how her sister was going through a tough time following her divorce from Kevin Federline.

“My normally sweet and free sister keeps turning into someone else – someone who is sometimes confused and paranoid. Sometimes she gets angry for no reason or she ignores me. All the time. Britney also felt bad and then said sorry,” Jamie Lynn recalls the time she lived with Britney and her mother.

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