The lucky cat was suddenly “reborn” after being… frozen

With a large tornado and the temperature has dropped below 0 degrees Celsius recently in the city of Kalispell near Glacier National Park (USA), rescuers have saved a frozen cat. live again.

The lucky cat rescued by experts is Fluffy – a frozen cat in the northwest of Montana, a state located in the northwest of the United States.

The lucky cat was suddenly "reborn" after being... frozen - 1
The frozen cat was lucky to survive.

Fluffy’s owner, who does not wish to be identified, found the cat covered in thick blocks of ice and snow near his home. The lucky cat’s owner said he immediately brought the cat to the veterinarian and was saved, although it was almost certainly dead.

Một con mèo Mỹ hồi sinh sau khi chết cóng ngoài thời tiết dưới 0 độ - Ảnh 2.


“The cat was frozen. It was not a normal frozen ice. But its body temperature was below the readable clinic temperature. We immediately started looking for ways to warm up. warm the cat with warm water, a heating pad, a hot towel… within an hour, the cat began to show signs of regaining consciousness,” said Andrea Dutter, executive director of the Animal Clinic of Kalispell Rescue Center. .

Not only that, when the cat was… thawed, the vets discovered that the cat had suffered quite a trauma that prevented it from returning home.

A miracle happened when only a week later, the cat Fluffy officially recovered and did not dare to go outside with such freezing temperatures anymore.

Một con mèo Mỹ hồi sinh sau khi chết cóng ngoài thời tiết dưới 0 độ - Ảnh 3.

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