The feud between The Rock and John Cena

John Cena once criticized The Rock as a “soldier” when he gave up his wrestling career to pursue the Hollywood aura. Later, he regretted this statement.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson overcame many obstacles to prove his status as the world’s top wrestling star, as well as reap great success as an actor, according to the Hollywood Reporter .

On his way to the top, he got into a feud with a series of big names in WWE and Hollywood. The two feuds that caused the most press of the Hawaiian man were with Vin Diesel and John Cena.

The Rock John Cena brother 1
Possessing a similar wrestling career, muscular body and tough personality, of course, there is competition between The Rock and Cena. In fact, “one mountain can’t have two tigers” so there might be some hidden rivalry or friction between them.

The source of the conflict

The conflict originated from John Cena’s interview on The Sun in 2008. When asked how he felt about The Rock – the superstar wrestler who had a strong transition to the Hollywood movie capital, Cena bluntly attacked. The elder is a “soldier”.

In a derisive tone, Cena, a talented wrestler from West Newbury, said that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson always claimed to love WWE but never appeared, even turned his face away when he had built a bit. name in the ring.

“Don’t tell me you like wrestling when you’re actually just using it to do other things,” Cena didn’t hesitate to criticize the 1.96-foot-tall man. He added: “I wish you showed up and just needed to. say hello and leave. That’s what you have to do.”

On his way to the WWE ring again, The Rock accidentally heard these words and he was extremely angry. No one expected this to be the beginning of one of the fiercest battles in WWE history.

The clash of two generations of professional wrestlers took place during the January 2012 WrestleMania XXVIII event. Tens of thousands of people witnessed the moment The Rock knocked Cena out of the Rock Bottom and won.

The Rock John Cena brother 2

Of course, Cena’s ego and pride made him extremely angry when he lost to the person he most wanted to face.

Failing from the encounter, Cena continued to challenge her opponent in the WrestleMania XXIX ring the following year. In the main event, he brilliantly defeated The Rock to win the 11th WWE Championship, as well as avenge the loss a year earlier.

Cena’s victory partly erased the long-standing feud with The Rock. In the stands, two men hugged, showing respect for each other.

But unfortunately for The Rock, he had a serious injury in the abdomen. The actor had to undergo many surgeries and leave sequelae later.

Sharing with Wired , The Rock said: “Many people have 6-pack, 8-pack, even 12-pack abs. I personally only have 5 and a half packs despite heavy training. Many people don’t know I’ve had an accident during an exam. I had to have surgery on my stomach three times. So my abs are not perfect.”

Regrets feuding with The Rock

According to The Things , the friendship between the two muscular stars healed and became even closer as John Cena followed in The Rock’s footsteps, looking for opportunities to act in Hollywood movies.

Recalling the anger that led to the dramatic clashes with The Rock, Cena shared: “At that time, I was very selfish and did not know how to listen to other people’s views. And I thought the comments. of The Rock is not authentic. My point is if you love something, just keep going.”

The former WWE champion admitted on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that he regrets the incident with The Rock. But after all, the two became close friends, supporting each other in work and life.

Attending the Comic-Con event in Wales in 2022, Cena revealed that she asked The Rock for advice when deciding to switch from a wrestling career to acting. “He advised me to just be myself and explain my reasons for going to the movies. His words calmed me down. Before, I was just an idiot,” the Suicide Squad star expressed .

The Rock John Cena brother 3

In the field of acting, The Rock is considered a senior with resounding successes from the Fast and Furious series , Jumanji and Moana . Therefore, Cena is somewhat humble and respects The Rock. In response to Cena’s friendliness, The Rock called his juniors “best friends” in the 2018 announcement. At that time, the muscular star said he chose Cena to lead the crime-action film project The Janson Directive by he produces.

“Congratulations to my best friend John Cena for starring in The Janson Directive . And remember if he’s bad at acting, I – as a producer – will come on set and knock him down,” said The Rock.

According to The Things , both The Rock and John Cena are the best examples of how hard work leads to success. Coming out of the cradle of WWE, even if they go for a big round, they still want to be able to return to the ring in the near future. And of course, Cena still hopes to rematch with the Fast and Furious actor .

According to Cena, The Rock has the right to return and should not be pressured about it. In his opinion, The Rock is a dynamic person in the ring and he is always eager to see such a great performer appear in WWE.

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