Smashing Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas That Will Add Value To Your Home

When considering outdoor wall decor ideas, trust your instincts. You shouldn’t hesitate to change your home’s exterior appearance. Don’t worry about what other people will think. 

Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

Exterior walls need as much attention as the interior ones. If you need inspiration for your outdoor wall project, let us help you. 

An outdoor dining area or deck with comfortable lounge chairs would look more attractive and beautiful if they had an added layer of décor. Today, we’ll explore a few ways in which you can use outdoor wall décor to beautify your home and property.

Best Ways To Beautify Your Outdoor Space

Here are 30 ways you can add curb value to your home.

Wooden Outdoor Wall Décor

Outdoor wood wall decor

Outdoor wall art can be anything, from a painting to a vertical garden and a lot of other things. This particular piece is unique and holds special meaning for its owners.

It’s something they did using wood salvaged from previous interior renovations. It complements this outdoor dining space in a really cozy way. {found on homedepot}.

Spray Paint Designs

Outdoor coorful fence canvas

Another type of wall décor you can do yourself involves working with spray paint. In the DIY world, making your own art is the most enjoyable thing you can do. Start with a blank canvas, colored spray paint in several different colors, some string, painter’s tape, a chevron stencil, and lace washi tape.

With these things, you can make four different wall decorations like the ones featured on Brit+co.

Recycled Exterior Décor

Window planters for wall decor

Recycling is fun and inspiring when you find a really great idea. For example, turning old windows and planters into decorations for the house’s exterior walls can be such a project.

From far away, it will look like the house has functional windows on that side of the wall.

Garden Flowers Wall Décor

Charming rustic outdoor wall decor

This is a similar approach, featuring a very charming and rustic look. Instead of box planters, the strategy was to use a vase filled with fresh and colorful flowers. They squeeze between the metal bars and look exquisite on the exposed brick wall. {found on debbie}.

Framed Garden Style

Framed succulents for wall decor

The outdoor wall décor displayed by a summer marketplace featured on Ouraestheticblog is something that can be adapted to a variety of other settings. The framed would look beautiful on the walls of a garden shed or even hanging on the deck walls.

Vertical Garden Outdoor Décor

Outdoor house facade vertical garden

Similarly, you can decorate the outdoor walls of your house with vertical succulent gardens. They’re not difficult to maintain. Just water them the same as you would do with any planter. Take them down when it starts to get too cold outside. {found on charleshugo}.

Blank Picture Frames

Decorate the wall with empty frames

Simple frames can also have an interesting visual impact. Using empty frames as wall décor is a fresh idea that can also be applied to fences and other surfaces. It can be a simple and practical way of beautifying the outdoors without investing a lot of time, effort, and money.

Garden Hose Wall Art

Make flowers from hoses for outdoor house decor

A cute, colorful, and fun idea is to decorate the exterior walls of the house, garage or garden shed with garden hoses. The flowers are cheerful and fresh and provide a beautiful backdrop for the seating area. {found on hammersandhighheels}.

Metallic Wall Art

Metalic outdoor wall decor

For modern settings, we could recommend something like this: abstract metal wall art. It’s a minimalist approach and also one that’s eye-catching and even a bit dramatic. You can try to reproduce the look in your own way.

Shabby Chic Wall 

Kind of bird house but like wall decor

Since it’s the exterior walls we’re talking about, try to think a bit differently and to come up with ideas that could apply specifically to outdoor spaces.

For example, hang a birdhouse or a lovely little insect hotel on one of the walls of your house. Of course, this can work for you if you like insects and birds and don’t mind them buzzing around your home.

Triptych Wall Art 

triptych outdoor wall decor

A triptych is an interesting option when decorating the outdoor walls. For example, here you see how the water features, accent lighting, and the organic wall art display all work together to create a relaxing ambiance.

Three Piece Painting

Contemporary patio design

This back patio setting takes a page from the boho chic playbook.  A three-piece wall decoration on the exterior walls of the house or on the garden fence and allow it to contribute to an overall comfortable and inviting ambiance, perfect for a seating or dining area.

Outdoor Mural

Geometric wall art from old doors

Why not change the tone of your neighborhood? An audacious type that likes to stand out from the rest, try something large scale. A good example is a way these old wooden doors were repurposed into geometric art for the side of a large building. Found out more about the project on Thisiscolossal.

Geometric Art Styles

Revamp an old barn with bold colors

Some people would call this graffiti. And what would be wrong with that?  You’ll love how inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. projects such as this one.

You can try something similar for your property, although you could improvise and come up with a different and more suitable design.

String Art Décor

Wedding outdoor wall string

Similar approaches can be used when decorating the fences on your property. They too deserve to look beautiful. A cute idea is to try string art. You need small nails, letter templates, and colored string or yarn. Have fun coming up with a nice message.

Durable Outdoor Wall Décor

Modern outdoor seating area

Given that the outdoor spaces are exposed to the elements and don’t offer the same type of environment as the indoor areas, the type of wall décor you use has to take these things into consideration. Look for something a bit more robust and less fragile.

Perforated Panels 

Small backyard bbq area

Some things you just can’t buy at a store. So, what do you do? You make your own decor. Decorate tall, strong fences with perforated panels. You could use privacy screens with designs that you like or you can improvise in some other way. {found on outhousedesign}.

Minimalist Décor

Panels used like wall art for outdoor

The panels used here to decorate the fence wall are a beautiful addition and serve as a chic backdrop from the contemporary bench. Their geometry is consistent with the whole design which is minimalist and harmonious.

Kitchen Plate Decor

Fence wall plates

Remember, your exterior walls at home are a canvas. Have some old wall plates that you want to get out of the house? Use them to decorate a fence in your garden. Vintage plates can look really cute out here.

Moss Graffiti 

Anna Garforth moss graffiti

Want to try something unusual? Moss graffiti is a perfect idea. The inspiration comes from Anna Garforth. She creates typographic and large geometric designs and patterns using living materials and she was featured on Designboom.

Living Green Wall

Vertical wall garden art

Living walls are the type of thing that can really add character to a space, whether it’s indoor or outside. Take this patio for example. Isn’t the green fence in the background simply wonderful?

Mirror Effect 

Green wall decorated with mirrors and empty frames

Choosing the right exterior decor can be as easy as not throwing away your old furniture. In this example, it’s all about mirrors. Give your guests an experience they’ll never forget.

If you want to create a homey and cozy ambiance, hang some mirrors and frames on the living wall or fence. And while you’re at it get a floor lamp as well, maybe even a TV, some comfortable chairs and turn the backyard into a second living room. {found on eyelikeart}.

Fresh Paint

Hang Outdoor Sporting Items As Decorations

When all else fails, add a new coat of paint to your home. This one may seem deceivingly simple, but adding a fresh coat of paint to a wall or fence can go a long way towards upgrading your outdoor wall decor.

The before and after photos featured in Reflection Interior Design. Besides just walls and fences, you can also use paint to spruce up decks, railings, and even your outdoor furniture pieces!

Stone Wall Fence

Hang Outdoor Sporting Items As Decorations

If you didn’t exchange your fence for a living wall above, or even if you did, consider trading one of the other fences on your property for a stone wall like the ones featured in Better Homes and Gardens.  A stone wall will be a peaceful and harmonious addition to the outside of your home.

Explore Gabion Walls

Hang Outdoor Sporting Items As Decorations

You may not be familiar with the term, but a gabion wall can be another great way to upgrade the fences on your property. A gabion wall is a retaining wall built by putting stones in a cage such as in this example in Eco Home.

This is a great solution for dividing property, but can also be added to an outdoor wall of your house for unique and natural outdoor wall decor.

Feng Shui Style

Hang Outdoor Sporting Items As Decorations

Adding a water feature to an outdoor wall is akin to a life-changing experience. It would also help with your home’s feng shui. 

Outdoor wall fountains come in many shapes and sizes and are easy to fit into any design schema. Check out the full range of water features available to spruce up your outside wall decor on The Skunk Pot.

Rope Lighting

Hang Outdoor Sporting Items As Decorations

A variety of things are happening in this space, and it’s all because of the lights. The backyard string lighting embellishes the fence, creating a cool outdoor setting. 

And the nice thing about rope lights is they can be moved and repurposed without much work, so you can change them as your tastes in decor fluctuates. In Backyard features several ways rope lights can be used to brighten your outdoor wall decor. 

Fence Engraving

Hang Outdoor Sporting Items As Decorations

Making your fence a surface where anything goes is an expereince every homeowner should enjoy. Replacing a fence with a different type of fencing can be costly and time-consuming, but you don’t need to replace your fence in order to beautify and personalize it!

Engraving your fence by cutting a unique design into it would help your home’s appearance in more ways than one. Try laser engraving which is less invasive and can be done to one side of the fence without damaging the other side.

Explore the vast possibilities of engraved fences and how they can upgrade your outdoor wall decor on AlunoTec.

Custom Signage

Hang Outdoor Sporting Items As Decorations

Although it may seem surprisingly easy, putting up a custom sign on an exterior wall or fence can go a long way towards transforming the look and feel of your backyard.

Hang signage is a protected place so water won’t ruin it. A covered patio, as they are easily damaged by wind and rain. Creative Tonic Design demonstrates how a sign can be used to make a sitting space that much cozier. 

Outdoor Sports Decor

Hang Outdoor Sporting Items As Decorations

Do you have a canoe you barely use except for a few times in the summer months? Or maybe a surfboard from a few years ago that you can’t bear to part with?

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