Savannah cats are considered aristocratic pets for the rich with an impression at first sight, with strong wild beauty, so they are expensive and very small in quantity in Vietnam. Why do they have such a high selling price, let’s find out with Cathouse through this article 

1. The origin and history of the Savannah cat

The Savannah cat was born in 1986, this time is considered quite late compared to other cat breeds, the Savannah is a combination of the Siamese and the Serval Cat, also known as the prairie lynx by a breeder named named Savannah. Judee Frank made to give birth to the first Savannah Cat. They were registered by the International Cat Association TICA in 2001 but it was not until 2012 that TICA conducted the granting and full recognition of the Savannah Cat .

Possessing a unique beauty, long legs “permanently” slender, agile body, strong charisma, seduce them to become expensive pets that are extremely sought after by the rich.

2. Appearance and Personality Characteristics of Savannah Cats

The Savannah is not a breed that can be enjoyed by anyone, they are bred from the prairie lynx so their personality is somewhat wild, the Savannah cat requires an owner with enough experience and knowledge, if you For the first time to own a cat or to start trying to raise and care for a cat, the Savannah Cat is not the most suitable choice. 

The first years when the Savannah Cat was bred they reached 15kg as an adult, with this weight they look a bit unsightly, but over time, breeders have created a new breed for the Savannah cat to grow up . weighing no more than 10kg, ensuring to keep their beauty. The Savannah cat is a large cat breed, many people who see it for the first time will not be surprised because they are quite similar to a leopard cub. Savannah cats have a large body, long legs and a high neck when they mature, they look quite like a wild leopard partly from the wild fur, which can be silver with black spots or tabby with black spots… The Savannah cat has a beauty that is considered a successful combination between a wild cat and a domestic cat  .

The Savannah cat has a triangular head, a plump face with black stripes on the cheeks, a large nose and muzzle, large erect ears, a thick but short tail compared to the body, tall and thin.

Savannah cats possess long and agile legs plus a wild nature, they love to run, jump, climb trees or climb high, dynamic, adventurous to explore things around, they love to play with balls, climbing to very high places or alleys.

Looking at the appearance of the Savannah Cat , many people will probably be concerned about this cat’s personality because of its body like a leopard cub, but in fact, they are very confident, when your house has guests they don’t run away or find a place to stay. hide but are curious and friendly with your guests or other pets but also appear very alert as to protect you.

When Savannah Cats are cared for for a long time, especially when you raise them from a young age, they will become more friendly and close to you and everyone in the family, gradually they will become companions and relatives in your family. They love to climb and are curious so every corner of the house they find ways to reach, so fragile items should be stored carefully.

3. How to take care of Savannah Cats 

The Savannah cat is a healthy cat breed with a pretty good immune system and resistance. But one note is that it is a genetic disease, as adults they are prone to diseases such as myocarditis, with male cats being infertile in some hybrid systems during the breeding process.

Savannah cats have a soft short coat, so cleaning this coat is not difficult, you should brush it twice a week to remove dead hair. They also need to be washed clean, you can bathe them every week or when you find them dirty, you can use specialized cat shampoo and dry with a towel after bathing. In addition, places such as ears, eyes, feet, teeth where they cannot clean themselves, you should pay attention to clean to avoid infection, cut toenails periodically to avoid scratches if you play. or scratch objects in the house.

The surprising thing is that Savannah cats eat very easily, raising Savannah cats as well as raising cats at home, they can eat dry or wet food, add raw meat to get enough nutrition, but need alignment. food intake according to each stage of development to avoid overweight. It is necessary to give them clean water to drink every day and clean all eating utensils.

Sanvannah cats are more suitable to raise when you have older children, you have to prepare enough experience and skills when letting children approach this breed, taming them from a young age. , or raised with other pets such as dogs and other cats will bring greater efficiency. Because of its wild nature and difficult to tame properly, if you want to adopt this cat, equip yourself with enough knowledge, personality, nature, eating, and living to be able to properly care for it. the best!