Lieutenant General Kobylash confirmed: “Two crews of the Long Range Air Force have set a new record for distance and time aboard Tu-160 strategic missile-carrying supersonic bombers. The pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces flew for more than 25 hours, over a distance of more than 20,000 km. 

Russian Tu-160 bomber.  Photo:
Russian Tu-160 bomber. Photo:

Lieutenant General Kobylash asserted that there is currently no other supersonic bomber in the world that has achieved the same record as the Russian Tu-160. Notably, the previous record was also set by Tu-160 bombers in 2010 when they operated continuously in the air for a period of 24 hours and 24 minutes. 

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According to the Russian Defense Ministry, two Tu-160s flew over neutral waters in the central Arctic and Pacific regions, as well as the Kara, Laptev, Eastern Siberia, Chukchi and Barents seas. These strategic missile-capable supersonic bombers took off and landed at Engels Airfield. Commanding the two crews were Major General Oleg Pchela and Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Volkovitsky. 

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According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Tu-160s have been refueled three times in the air from six IL-78 refueling planes and “received by Su-35S fighters, along with foreign aircraft.” , escorting along certain areas of the flight path”. The Russian aircraft strictly followed the rules of international airspace.

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