PHOTO GALLERY: Rico Lewis’ touching 10-year journey from small boy to 2028 contract with Man City

More than 10 years on from first joining the Club, 18-year-old Rico Lewis has committed to Manchester City until 2028.

Slight in stature but mighty in character, Lewis started as a traditional full-back early in 2022/23, making his Premier League debut as a late substitute for Kyle Walker in a home victory over AFC Bournemouth.

Lewis’s new deal will keep him at the Etihad Stadium until 2028, and he is now hoping to build on the amazing experiences of his first season playing professional football.

See below for some of the best images from his City career so far:

Rico was selected as Under-18s captain ahead of the 2021/22 season, his first year at that level.

Lewis lifts the Under-18 National Premier League title after a final victory at Southampton.

He also featured for our Elite Development Squad on occasion during the 2021/22 campaign.

Lewis’ performances at academy level earned him a spot on the 2022 US Tour, where he played in front of huge crowds.

Lewis is a late replacement for Kyle Walker during the August win over Bournemouth, marking his senior debut for the Club.

Lewis makes his Champions League bow in the second half of the comprehensive 5-0 victory over FC Copenhagen.

Still just 17, Lewis becomes the youngest player to score on their first Champions League start with a strike against Sevilla.

Lewis gets the full attention of Pep Guardiola during the winter training camp in Abu Dhabi during the 2022 World Cup.

Lewis is up for the battle when the season resumes with a Carabao Cup clash against Liverpool

Guardiola congratulates his full-back on yet another impressive performance.

Lewis looks to start another attack as he moves into midfield from his defensive position.

The Academy graduate strikes at goal in a bid to inspire City’s comeback against Spurs in January.

Lewis celebrates the Premier League title in his breakthrough campaign.

Lewis poses alongside fellow Academy graduates Phil Foden and Cole Palmer after City win the FA Cup.

Guardiola shows his appreciation to Lewis after City win the Champions League final in Istanbul.

Lewis and Palmer are full of smiles during the parade through the city centre streets.

Lewis is fully focused in Japan on our summer pre-season tour of Asia.

Our No.82 looks to take on Bayern Munich having been selected in an attacking midfield role.

And now a contract until 2028 with Man City as a reward for impressive performances

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