PHOTO GALLERY: Overwhelmed with Jack Grealish’s lavish Las Vegas holiday as Man City star parties with DJ Tiesto

JACK GREALISH took advantage of his vacation in Las Vegas to get some much-needed relaxation.

After winning the Champions League, the Manchester City player went on a four-day binge before joining the England team.

Jack Grealish hung out with DJ Tiesto after watching his show

Jack Grealish spent six nights in Las Vegas

He even had his name up in lights on the side of the hotel

Grealish, 27, featured as a substitute in England’s 7-0 Euro 2024 qualifying win over North Macedonia.

So the trip to Vegas was a welcome rest for the winger, who made 50 appearances in all competitions as City won the Treble.

Grealish stayed at Resorts World Las Vegas between June 20-26 in one of the Crockfords Palace Suites.

Room prices can cost as much as £15,000 a night but it comes with a grand foyer, formal dining room, state-of-the-art media room with cinema-style seating and a game room complete with billiards and a wet bar.

Photos Resorts World Las Vegas' $15,000-a-Night Suites

Crockfords Las Vegas, LXR Hotels & Resorts at Resorts World, Las Vegas – Updated 2023 Prices

The 7,000 square foot suite also offers a terrace containing a private pool, spa, manicured gardens and gourmet patio kitchen.

While the hotel includes an upbeat pan-Asian restaurant called FUHU, which Grealish used for room service.

The Asian-inspired menu includes seafood, steak and sushi, as well as cocktails and sake.

It is believed Grealish went for a seafood tower, giant wild tiger prawns, King Crab, and an assortment of sushi rolls by FUHU’s Executive Chef Justin Kalaluhi.

Grealish stayed at Resorts World Las Vegas

Suites at the luxury hotel cost as much as £411 a night

A private swimming pool is included in the suite

Grealish had the opportunity to unwind by playing pool

The England star visited the famous Vegas strip during his stay and enjoyed a night out at Zouk Nightclub listening to DJ Tiesto spinning the decks.

Along with MMA competitors Aljamain Sterling, Merab Dvalishvili, and JPBuys, as well as NFL player Andre James, Grealish attended the debut of Resorts World Las Vegas’ new brand campaign.

But he also maintained his health by taking advantage of the hotel’s cutting-edge amenities.

While he was out having fun, Sasha Attwood, his partner, was exploring Italy and looking lovely.

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