PHOTO GALLERY: Jack Grealish splashes huge money for lavish holiday at one of the world’s exclusive hotels

HIS legendary three day bender after Man City won the trebble has cemented him as one of sports wildest stars.

But Jack Grealish has swapped swigging cans of Ƅeer shirtless through the streets of Manchester for the ultimate refined sophistication.

Jack jetted Sasha out to the South of France for a stunning break together

The couple are staying at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in the South of France

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc is one of the world’s most exclusive hotels

The uber-luxurious Hotel du Cap-Eden-Rock boasts rooms costing up to £14,000 a night

Jack Grealish, pictured on his holiday, is making full use of his time off after a record breaking year for football

The Sun can reveɑl the England midfielder has splashed tens of thousands on romantic stay with model girlfriend Sasha Attwood at one of the world’s exclusive hotels, the legendary Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in the South of France.

Despite his party-loving ways often putting her under the microscope, child-hood sweetheart Sasha has stood by her man through highs and lows.

The beauty raced onto the pitch to share a public smooch with Jack last month after Man City’s Champions League triumph.

She gushed online: “The most incredible few days what an achievement. So beyond proud, lots of happy tears and no sleep with memories to last a lifetime. What a team.”

World’s away from the famously wet and cloudy Northern city he calls home, the uber-luxurious Hotel du Cap-Eden-Rock boasts rooms costing up to £14,000 a night.

Just a short drive from the glitz and glamour of Cannes, the hotel has played host to some of the biggest names in history including Picasso and Cary Grant.

The onsite Dior spa will go down a treat with brand-loving Jack who is more often than not decked head-to-toe in Gucci when not on the pitch.

However, he will have to tone down his lovable lout ways of last month which saw him pretending to be a turkey as his teammates free-poured Grey Goose down his throat.

British supermodel Kate Moss was famously was barred from the resort after allegedly throwing a tantrum and trashing her hotel room after staff told her she couldn’t strut through the halls in nothing but a skimpy bikini.

A source said: ““The hotel couldn’t be further from his post trebble win antics where he was literally held up by Kyle Walker.

“Even for Hollywood A-listers Hotel Du Cap is seriously hard to get in to. They don’t suffer fools .

“He will have to be on his best behaviour. If he’s too rowdy, bosses will swiftly give him his marching orders.”

Last month Jack was unfairly was met with criticism for his next level partying following Man City’s historic sporting win.

In a refreshing move the footballer stood his ground saying: “Give us a break man. I was just enjoying myself. I felt like it was quite deserved personally.”

Jack’s break in the South of France comes straight off the back of a Ƅoozy six day trip to Las Vegas.

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