Pep Guardiola drops an F-ƄomƄ after journalist asks stᴜpid question about Man City star Erling Haaland

PEP GUARDIOLA offered up an astonished response and deadpan stare to a journalist after they asked a question about Erling Haaland.

Haaland, 23, joined Manchester City last summer with questions about how he would fit into Guardiola’s possession-dominant system.

Pep Guardiola gave a cold stare to a reporter who asked whether Erling Haaland could improve

Guardiola dropped the F-ƄomƄ at the end of his reply

Haaland scored 52 goals in 53 games last season

After scoring an astonishing 52 goals in 53 appearances, including 36 goals in the Premier League, the Norwegian more than justified his attention.

However, it seems Haaland still has something to prove for some.

While attending a press conference during City’s pre-season tour of Asia, a journalist asked Guardiola whether Haaland had any steps he could take to become the perfect striker in his system.

A perplexed-looking Guardiola replied: “I would say that Haaland adapted quite well at Man City, when he scores more than 60 goals.”

The ex-Barcelona boss then pulled a face at the reporter before ending his response with a simple: “Fuc.”

Fans were also left puzzled at the question, with many backing Guardiola’s look of bewilderment.

One fan wrote: “You know you screwed up when Pep gives you this look.”

A second said: “This Pep is the best Pep.”

“Does Pep answer any question seriously these days? I feel like he just plays with his food,” asked a third.

Others extended the line of questioning and feared what may come if Haaland does indeed improve.

A fourth joked: “Can he not improve, please?”

Another concluded: “If last season wasn’t Haaland fully adapting to Pep’s system, then God help us all.”

In the transfer market, City has been fairly hesitant to bring in new players, but has seen top players Riyad Mahrez and Ilkay Gundogan leave, along with Kyle Walker and Bernardo Silva being connected to exits.

Despite claims that the defender had finished his medical before the record-breaking £100 million transfer, they have only announced the signing of Mateo Kovacic.

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