Our All-Time Favorite Large Leaf Tropical Plants

Large leaf tropical plants

They say bigger is better and when it comes to indoor greenery, there is — quite literally — a lot to love about large leaf tropical plants!

Gone are the days of hoarding succulents on the windowsill. We spend a lot of time in our homes, and creating an inviting and comfortable space is crucial to our mental and physical well-being. Large leaf plants not only turn heads and make statements, but they are also the perfect way to create the feeling of having nature close by. Read our plant stylists tips for how to style with statement plants, how to care for tropical indoor plants, and which tropical greenery they recommend having indoors.

How to style with statement plants

Wondering how to introduce a large plant into your space? Here are a few tips for bringing big statement plants indoors:

  • Anchor a space by placing a large leafed plant in the corner. It will act as a natural focal point, bringing the other elements of a room together.

  • Frame the main element of a room, such as a bed, dining room table, or large bathroom sink, with two matching large leaf plants on either side that create a balanced, slightly imperfect symmetry.

  • Go minimalist (while being maximalist!) by pruning a large statement plant back to have just three or five fronds.

How to care for large leaf tropical plants

In terms of care, tropical plants are usually quite simple and don’t require too much maintenance. Of course each plant has its own specific care requirements but generally speaking, large leaf tropical plants love:

  • Humidity – keep the humidity up by regularly misting the foliage or using a humidifier

  • Medium to bright light – most tropical plants thrive in medium to bright indirect light

  • Dusting – because of the surface area on their foliage, big leaf plants may require the occasional cleaning to avoid accumulation of dust; this will help them soak in more light!

Check out some of our favorite large leaf tropical plants below, and let their beauty inspire you!

Monstera Deliciosa

An iconic plant of the art deco era, the Monstera Deliciosa is an easy-care , low-maintenance plant that grows large leaves with splits as it matures.

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The Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant or Ficus Elastica gets its name from the milky latex in its leaves which was once used to make natural rubber. The large, waxy leaves of this plant make a unique addition to any home.

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Bird of Paradise

Possibly the next “it” plant, the Bird of Paradise is a beautiful, incredibly low-maintenance indoor tropical plant with large, bright green leaves. Its name comes from the colorful flower which resembles a bird in flight, though it does not typically flower indoors.

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Red Congo

A member of the philodendron family, the Red Congo is a popular big leaf plant, known for its crimson and green leaves and ability to grow in medium levels of light.

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The Silver Evergreen

An incredibly hardy plant that can survive with next to no light, the Silver Evergreen is a beautiful tabletop plant with large, variegated leaves.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

One of the most popular indoor plants, the broad-leafed Fiddle Leaf Fig can grow up to 10 feet tall indoors. Though it’s got a reputation for being a bit finicky, they are relatively low-maintenance if placed in the right conditions (read: very, very bright spaces!).

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