Muscle man’s best friend! Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson enjoys beach stroll with his beloved dog… and girlfriend tags along too

He may 6 ft 5 in and packed with muscle but when it comes to his dogs he’s just a big softie.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was virtually putty in his pooch’s paws as he frolicked on the beach in Miami, Florida with his French bulldog Hobbs and his girlfriend Lauren Hashian on Thursday.

The 43-year-old muscly star of Baywatch was on a break from shooting that movie and in his stride while strolling on shore in black swim trunks.

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Relaxed mode: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson enjoyed a break from filming Baywatch on the beach in Miami, Florida alongside his girlfriend Lauren Hashian and their adorable French bulldog Hobbs 

The former pro-wrestler flexed his mighty brawn by going shirtless, and showed off his vast assortment of tattoos too

The Rock was just taking it easy, enjoying the down time and so was Hobbs, one of the cute pooches he adopted last September.

The black-and-white dog – who preferred sitting to running when The Rock first got him – has learned a thing or two.

Muscle beach: The 43-year-old Baywatch star flexed his mighty brawn 

From The Rock to putty: Dwayne was virtual putty in his pooch’s paws

On the alert: The Rock’s dog – named Hobbs – pricked up his ears when he spied something afar

Hobbs had a blast running alongside Lauren as she jogged along the shore.

The Rock had his turn and stood proudly by while Hobbs spied something afar and leaned forward with ears pricked up.

The actor’s girlfriend took many pictures of the brawny star with his four-legged friend.

Camera shy: Hobbs twisted away while The Rock posed for a grand picture

Hurry, take the picture: The former pro-wrestler looked great as he showed off his muscular torso and tattoos

Check it out: The Rock studied the photos on Lauren’s camera phone while Hobbs stood watch nearby

That’s all you get: The star would have to be satisfied with the snaps that they had because Hobbs had things to do

The Rock then stepped forward to check out the snaps for himself on Lauren’s handy iPhone.

Hobbs took to the water well, which can’t be said for his canine pal Brutus.

Just hours after bringing the newly adopted pups home, The Rock became a real-life superhero when he saved Brutus from drowning in the swimming pool

Must love salt: Hobbs became interested in the ocean tide and its many wonders

Don’t that beat all: The Rock let Hobbs explore a little with Lauren

Puppy love: The brawny actor clearly adores his pup whom he adopted last September along with another French bulldog he named Brutus

Both dogs had run straight into the pool and while Hobbs knew instinctively to dog paddle, the other pup started sinking fast.

Luckily The Rock acted quickly, dived into the water and rescued both dogs, and no harm came to either one of them.

In an Instagram video posted five months ago, Hobbs was the one giving his big daddy a tough time

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