McDonald’s Notorious Hamburglar Got a Flashy 1970 Plymouth Barracuda As His Getaway Car

Marketing strategies have evolved considerably with the use of technology, analytics, and social media, but nothing beats old-fashioned techniques like car branding. When it comes to promoting your business, nothing is more effective than a giant decal on the side of a vehicle. Fast food giant McDonald’s is using this old trick in the marketing book by revealing a new vehicle for Hamburglar, the iconic McDonaldland character known for his “robble, robble” catchphrase.

It’s not uncommon for brands not related to the automotive world to use cars to promote their businesses. Oscar Mayer has famously done it with a hot dog-shaped vehicle called the Wienermobile; Domino’s Pizza delivered its pies with the A2 Aerocar in the 1980s, and frozen foods brand Birds Eye built the Pea Car for a TV commercial.

For its latest campaign, designed to celebrate a series of changes to its classic burgers, McDonald’s is using car branding in a less intrusive way. Instead of using bold “in-your-face” marketing materials, the company has subtly customized a new vehicle for one of its mascots, the Hamburglar. It is a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda tastefully modified by Sean Smith Designs to match the beloved character’s black-and-white striped outfit and renamed “Burgercuda.”

The team at Sean Smith Designs is known for its exceptional work on classic American cars. They previously modified vehicles for celebs and movies, some of their most famous builds being a crazy Roadrunner restomod for Kevin Hart and a Dodge Charger for Fast and Furious 9.

For McDonald’s marketing campaign, the workshop went all out again with the burger-themed Plymouth Barracuda. Built in collaboration with Fusion Motor Company and Sew Cal Rods & Upholstery, the Burgercuda is an eye-catching muscle car with Hamburglar-specific details. Apart from the red, white, and black color scheme, the car received new hubcaps styled to look like sesame seed buns, a spare tire dressed like a giant cheeseburger, and a discreet McDonald’s logo in old-school font on the front grille. A “Robble” marking on the hood scoop and a “RBL RBL” license plate in red letters are additional tell-tale signs that this is Hamburglar’s getaway car.

Photo: McDonald’s


The interior is just as flashy, having been styled with the same color palette as the exterior. The black and white stripes on the front and back seats are obviously inspired by the mascot’s prison uniform.

But perhaps the most significant modification inside the car is the burger warmer hidden in the center console. A burger holder and a cupholder can be seen on either side of the customized shifter, and the steering wheel is also embossed with a McDonald’s Arch logo.

Since this is a one-off car for McDonald’s advertising campaign, no technical details have been revealed, but it’s worth noting that the legendary 1970 Plymouth Barracuda was offered with a choice of the 440-cubic-inch and 426-cubic-inch Hemi V8s, among other options.

McDonald’s Burgercuda also has a QR code plastered on the rear quarter panel, which fans who spot the car in the wild can scan for a chance to win Hamburglar-themed merchandise or free burgers.  


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