Man City star Kyle Walker was furious after making a terrible mistake but immediately amends

KYLE WALKER showed his anger as he kicked out at an advertising board after his blunder saw Sheffield United equalise against Manchester City.

City ran out 2-1 winners at Bramall Lane but had to do it the hard way as the Blades put on a resilient display.

Kyle Walker gave the ball away in the Manchester City box

He then watched on as Sheffield United netted an equaliser


Walker then took his frustration out on the advertising board

Erling Haaland made up for missing a penalty in the first half by giving City the lead with a strong header in the second half that saw him jumped on by a supporter.

City had a chance to score again, but Haaland was flagged for being offside after scoring, and Julian Alvarez’s free-kick attempt was stopped by Wes Foderingham.

As a result, the Blades felt that they had a chance to win the game in the last minutes.

Walker, a former Blades player, made a mistake that gave them the ideal opportunity.

Walker tried to backheel the ball but instead gave it away and then slipped over off of the pitch.

He could only lie and watch as the hosts played the ball around before Jayden Bogle eventually fired home.

As Walker saw his error be punished he lashed out at the advertising board behind him as he booted it.

And fans could not help but find the moment funny as he helped out his old team as they took to social media.

One Tweeted: “Kyle Walker having a temper tantrum because he just caused an 87th-minute equaliser.”

A second commented: “Kyle Walker wants his boyhood club to stay up, fair enough I respect it.”

A third wrote: “Nice touch from agent Walker.”

A fourth said: “Agent Kyle Walker! 🕵️‍♂️.”

A fifth added: “Kyle Walker = Secret Agent.”

While another joked: “Not much of a secret agent but that’s some work for the Blades from Kyle Walker.”

Three minutes later, the defender atoned for his error by regaining possession and squaring the ball to Phil Foden.

Although the Englishman struggled to keep hold of the ball, Rodri was able to score and give City all three points.

Walker spent time in Sheffield United’s junior academy before departing in 2009 to join Tottenham Hotspur.

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