Man City star Jack Grealish and his girlfriend were fined by the police for illegal parking making it difficult for disabled people

MAN City party boy Jack Grealish left his new £200,000 Lamborghini on double-yellow lines for four hours.

Jack Grealish left his new £200,000 Lamborghini on double-yellow lines for four hours


Grealish’s flash motor blocked the pavement while he and girlfriend Sasha Attwood went out for a fancy dinner


Three traffic wardens did nothing to move the car but issued a Penalty Charge Notice

The Performante Urus, which was customized in City’s sky blue, was surrounded by three traffic wardens, but they didn’t appear to do anything to move the vehicle, which pushed any passing wheelchair users into the road.

A source at the scene near The Ivy in Manchester on Tuesday said: “It’s madness.

“They checked out the car, then wandered off for ten minutes and when they came back, Jack was returning to his car.”

Grealish and Sasha, both 27, drove off, heading to their £6million Cheshire mansion.

But the star, who earns in the region of £230,000 a week at Man City, has been blasted by disability campaigners for his selfish parking antics.

Alison Kerry, of disability equality charity Scope, said: “When cars park on pavements, it makes life difficult for disabled people.

“It can leave them with no choice but to go on to the road, which can be dangerous.

“It’s important drivers are considerate when parking.”

Grealish splurge out on the new Lamborghini after aiding City in their treble-winning season in which they won the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League..

Celebrity car customiser Yianni Charalambous got the motor in shape for its new owner, and posted online at the time: “It’s going to look great on the training ground.”

Grealish was seen driving it for the first time last week.

After being contacted by The Sun yesterday, a council spokesman said: “We can confirm this motorist was issued a Penalty Charge Notice at 11.02pm on August 8.”

Grealish’s representatives were also approached for comment.

Grealish and Sasha drove off to their £6million Cheshire mansion

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