Man City star Erling Haaland was booed by fans for his attitude after Norwegian was upturned just 2 minutes against Scotland

Although Haaland scored, the Norwegian team still lost 1-2 to Scotland in the EURO 2024 qualifier. After the match, the Man City striker was not satisfied and he was also booed by the home fans for his attitude.


Welcoming the Scottish team at home, the Norwegian team played with determination to win 3 points. However, understanding the ɑttack power of the opponent, the Scotland team also played cautiously. They retreated deep into the formation to defend and wait for the opportunity to make quick counter-ɑttacks.

After many missed opportunities, the turning point of the game came in the 60th minute when Haaland was fouled by midfielder Ryan Porteous in the box. On the penalty spot, the star of the Norwegian team made no mistake to bring home the opening goal of the match.

Notably, this is the striker’s first goal after 5 previous matches in Man City’s shirt. At the same time, the player born in 2000 also has 59 goals from the beginning of the 2022 – 2023 season.

Haaland and his teammates celebrate after the opening goal

Having got a goal, the home team actively played low to protect the result. On the opposite side, despite their best efforts, the Scottish team could not create many dangerous situations.

However, the ᴜnexpected scenario happened when the away team continuously had 2 goals in the 87th and 89th minutes of the match. In Scotland’s equalizer, Scotland’s Lyndon Dykes took advantage of Ostigard’s indecisive handling to level the score. 2 minutes later, Lyndon Dykes continued to shine and assisted Kenny McLean to seal a 2-1 victory for Scotland.

The Scotland team made a sᴜrprise with 2 consecutive goals

After the game, striker Haaland was angry and very upset. Although many fans waited outside the Ullevall Stadion to shout their names and ask for photos, the Norwegian player got angry and went straight to the bus. Soon after, he was worried by his home fans and protested with his attitude. Even many fans ran after the bus and reacted to the Man City star’s behavior.

After losing 1-2, the Nordic team currently only has 1 point after 3 matches. They are 8 points behind the top team, Scotland. In the group, there was also the presence of the Spanish team, so the ticket window of the Norwegian team became narrower.

Haaland is not satisfied after the loss of the Norwegian team

Meanwhile, the Scottish team continues to show high performance in qualifying as this is their 3rd consecutive win in EURO 2024 qualifying. Scotland is now facing the opportunity to participate in 2 EUROs for the first time. consecutively since 1996.

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