Man City risk Guardiola fume after blocking Kevin de Bruyne deal despite Pep green light

Pep Guardiola is ‘desperate’ to complete a key deal and has given his blessing, though Manchester City are delaying negotiations and running the risk of other European giants swooping, per a report.

Man City are unquestionably the dominant force in club football at present. Indeed, their memorable treble last term is proof of that.

In order to compete at the highest level for an extended period of time, City has updated its ranks this summer. While Jeremy Doku, the team’s livewire winger, already appears to be a defender’s worst nightmare down the left flank, Josko Gvardiol has easily integrated into the backline.

Although Mateo Kovacic and Matheus Nunes have increased City’s depth, it cannot be disputed that some of their most crucial players have also been among their longest-serving.

Kevin De Bruyne, who is now out with a major hamstring injury, is foremost among them. The 32-year-old Belgian ace is not anticipated to compete in 2023.

The current Etihad deal for De Bruyne expires in the summer of 2025. De Bruyne, who is far into his 30s, is still, when healthy, perhaps the best playmaker in the world.

As such, it comes as no surprise to see the Daily Star report Guardiola is ‘desperate’ for City to tie De Bruyne down to a longer-term contract. However, per the report, City have other ideas.

Pep willing, but Man City put on the brakes

It’s stated that despite Guardiola giving his ‘seal of approval’ to a two-year extension for De Bruyne, City are holding off until the Belgian is fully recovered from his injury.


The reasoning for this is that the club wants to make sure De Bruyne is still the elite player he has established himself to be before committing to keeping him till age 36.

According to reports, De Bruyne is still ‘happy’ in Manchester even though he is fully aware that the continent’s top teams will be ready to pounce if it appears he might go.

The Star also adds an intriguing nugget of information when they say De Bruyne won’t be receiving a compensation increase even if he signs new contracts.

The midfield ace reportedly receives a salary of £375,000 per week and will reportedly receive the same sum if he signs on for a another two years.

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