Man City received sad news from Kevin de Bruyne, the verdict will be made today

After hobbling off in Manchester City’s Premier League opener, Kevin de Bruyne is allegedly scheduled to get a scan on Monday to ascertain the extent of his most recent injury.


At Turf Moor, Man City defeated newly promoted Burnley by a score of 3-0 to get the new season underway. However, there was cause for concern for De Bruyne when he was substituted in the first half.

After collapsing in the 23rd minute due to what appeared to be a recurrence of a hamstring injury, the Belgian had to be replaced by Mateo Kovacic.

City boss Pep Guardiola confirmed after the game it is feared De Bruyne has aggravated the same hamstring injury that ended his participation in the Champions League final and will now undergo a scan on Monday, according to the Athletic.

Speaking after Friday’s victory, Guardiola said: ‘It depends on the magnitude of the injury but he will be out for a few weeks.

Kevin de Bruyne is reportedly set to undergo a scan on a hamstring injury on Monday

The Man City midfielder (middle) hobbled off in City’s opening day victory against Burnley

‘He is down. We have to reflect, talk to the doctors, see what happened. He has to be relaxed, recover and come back.’

The extent of his previous hamstring problem was kept largely quiet as City’s players departed on Treble-winning celebrations and summer holidays after securing European glory in Istanbul.

De Bruyne had suffered a serious hamstring tear and although he didn’t require surgery, needed plenty of rest before returning for pre-season training.

Man City boss Pep Guardiola has already confirmed he expects De Bruyne to be missing for weeks

The 32-year-old took part in numerous friendly warm-up games during City’s preseason tour, but he will now miss weeks of the league’s opening matches and might miss a longer amount of time if examinations reveal the injury is worse than initially thought.

De Bruyne will miss Wednesday’s Super Cup final with Sevilla and matches against Newcastle, Sheffield United, and West Ham in the English Premier League, according to an early assessment by Guardiola.

Should the Belgian playmaker’s injury last even longer, City’s Champions League campaign, which begins in September, might begin without him.

City could have to dip into the transfer market for a replacement midfielder if that is the case with the club still in talks over a move for West Ham’s Lucas Paqueta.

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