Lonely Hugh Jackman supported by Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds on his birthday

Hugh Jackman, do you never rest? The ever-busy movie and theater star hasn’t even released his grand return to the Marvel blockbuster business in Deadpool & Wolverine yet and he’s already landed his next major role, playing a truly legendary character. What’s more, it’s a role that, if we squint a bit, may just help us deduce who could take over from him in the part of Logan.

In an unexpected career move, Jackman has signed up to star in The Death of Robin Hood, a bleaker-than-usual reimagining of the heroic archer from English folklore. Directed by Michael Sarnoski (A Quiet Place: Day One) and co-starring Killing Eve icon Jodie Comer, Jackman’s Robin will be a darker take on the character, as he’ll be “grappling with his past after a life of crime and murder.” 

So even after he sheathes his adamantium claws once more, Jackman will be hopping over to another larger-than-life hero. But who could fill in for him as Wolverine, as the MCU invariably introduces a rebooted version native to Earth-19999? One of the most popular fan suggestions, one that’s taken on such life that many believe it to be fact, is Taron Egerton. Here’s how Jackman just made that possibility even more probable.

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