Las 80 mejores ideas para tatuajes de Dragon Ball – [Guía de inspiración 2023]


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A cool thing about Dragon Ball tattoos is that you don’t need to be a watcher of the television series or anime fan to enjoy the art, technical skill and color in each vivid design.

The Dragon Ball itself is a funky image, while meme culture and the internet has introduced us to Super Saiyan powering up, or Goku looking freaked out prior to battle. The pert breasted version of Bulma is a sadboi’s dream tattoo, but from a technical ink perspective it’s drawn with tremendous clarity and use of brilliant color.

2. Black and Gray Dragon Ball Design


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On the flips side, the absence of color in Dragon Ball Z tattoo allows each tattoo artist to explore the original manga style thick black ink art on skin. I really dig the various visages of the characters, like a split screen prior to a fight, while the cute image Goku and Saiyan finger fighting tattoo features great shading and cleanly executed fine lines.

3. Chinese Dragon Ball Shenron Tattoo


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Shenron is the magical dragon who can be summoned by individuals that collecting all seven of the Dragon Balls. As an Eastern Dragon, kind are benevolent and sacred in Asian mythology, making for a perfect Chinese Dragon tattoo idea.

He’s naturally a vivid green in color, but these Shenron tattoo examples are etched with black line ink or black and gray so that the dragon balls can be emphasized using color to contrast against his body and face.

4. Framed Shape Anime Dragon Ball Tattoo


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The key to this great character selection lies in framing each tattoo with a border shape to give the art depth and perspective. The Vegeta tattoo and other ideas are allowed a different look by putting elements outside the frame.

The colorful Master Roshi ink is my favorite of these framed DBZ tattoo ideas – the old bloke looks like he’d be fun at parties – and the technical work using almost dotwork fuzz shade in creating the rising sun behind him is an epic tattoo idea.

5. Heavy Black and Line Ink Dragon Ball


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These Dragon Ball series designs show off the variation of heavy black ink tattoos. The first one, featuring Piccolo and Krillin, looks excellent balancing negative space and single needle lines. Others, such as Piccolo and Goku, or the Super Saiyan framed fight look for manga style realistic texture.

My favorite piece is the framed linework man in beautiful black line opposed by bright red splashes of blood. I think the artist giving the man angry red eyes and the blood trickle against his mouth – with droplets outside the frame – works brilliantly to give a technical piece even more character.

6. Large Z Tattoo Pieces


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These bigger dragon ball tattoos go hard. Love the use of Japanese tattoo fundamentals – great balanced images, single panel color, framing shapes – all work to bring these characters into their element.

The sleeve Goku tattoo is particularly masterful work, it looks like a freshly printed brochure. Being able to show off the wicked green hair of Broly – amongst traditional black linework – is a killer feature, while interlinking the small pieces of the main Dragon Ball Z characters – Goku, Vegeta, Yamcha, Beerus, Frieza, Krillin, Shenron, Gotenks – done in a style different to anime tradition stands out.

I’m not as big a fan of the Majin tattoo, but that’s purely because of his rough head more than anything the tattoo artist is responsible for.

7. New Wave Color DBZ Anime Fan Tattoo


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