Jennifer Lopez’s Too Much Skin-Show Of Her Bottom Half Once Enraged Britain’s Got Talent’s Viewers, One Said “She’s An Artist, Not A Prostitute”

Britain’s Got Talent fans, today, if some performer dons this JLo outfit, will that bother you to share your rage on social media platforms?

Jennifer Lopez's Too Much Skin-Show Of Her Bottom Half Once Enraged Britain's Got Talent's Viewers

If you think controversies around what one is wearing on what platform exist just back at home, you’d want to stay back to listen to this tale of how Jennifer Lopez was once slammed by a chunk of netizens for a super-s*xy & sensually arousing outfit on UK’s ‘India’s God Talent‘ i.e. Britain’s Got Talent (just a joke! We know the Brits haven’t stolen the concept & for a change, they own the origin of it).

Britain's Got Talent 2013: Jennifer Lopez calls outfit 'tame' after  backlash over risqué performance | The Independent | The Independent

Without going much off the radar, let’s focus on the night back in 2013 when JLo donned an extremely high-cut Black leotard showcasing too much of her bottom half as per the complaining audience. She also put a display for her barely covered backside & grooved s*xily to arouse people on a television show.

Jennifer Lopez performed the song ‘Live It Up’ on Britain’s Got Talent but it seemed some of her audience didn’t get the meaning of what she sang because they didn’t really live that night up to the fullest.

British regulator Ofcom (Britain’s version of the Parents Television Council and the Federal Communications Commission) started receiving calls filled with rage from viewers who were complaining about JLo’e outfit and how it was inappropriate for a show that serves entertainment to families.

Take a look at what she wore through photos & video to decide if you’d call that ‘too much’ of a skin show to watch with your family:

Below are some of the reactions which some Twitter users had back in the day about Jennifer Lopez’s raunchy performance on Britain’s Got Talent. One user wrote, “Totally inappropriate. Put some clothes on and keep your bits to yourself.” Another one jumped in to add, “This is supposed to be a family show. I’d be ashamed to Jennifer Lopez’s family. What is she wearing? She’s an artist, not a prostitute.”

According to an Ofcom spokesperson, “If we consider the potential that the broadcasting code wasn’t abided by, there is potential we would investigate. But it’s too early to speculate.”

Jennifer Lopez then addressed the whole Britain’s Got Talent controversy to Scott Mills on Radio 1 & said: “I think people are so much more raunchier than I am. I feel like I’m so tame. We wore it at Billboard and Britain’s Got Talent said they wanted exactly the same. So I thought I’d wear the outfit n black.”

“No one complained at Billboard. I think people just like to talk. It was a body suit. A lot of performers wear that these days. It is standard stage clothes. I’m not going to walk down the street like that,” concluded Jennifer Lopez.

Britain’s Got Talent fans, today, if some performer dons this JLo outfit, will that bother you to share your rage on social media platforms? Or the time has changed and you’ll let this slide? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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