Jennifer Lopez discloses four skincare steps that she considers ‘unvarying’

Jennifer Lopez’s home care routine is quite compact with minimal steps: wash your face, apply serum, apply sunscreen and apply eye cream.

At the age of 53, Jennifer Lopez’s physique is getting younger and more attractive. The skin of the mother of two is tight, with few signs of age, causing many viewers to wonder about her skincare. The Latin Queen once revealed her daily skin care routine encapsulated in the following 4 steps.

The rosy, fresh bare face of Jennifer Lopez in her fifties.

The rosy, fresh bare face of Jennifer Lopez in her fifties.

1. Cleaning

J.Lo emphasizes the importance of cleansing the skin, helping to remove sweat and dirt accumulated in the pores, thereby preventing acne, reducing the speed of skin aging. No matter what skin care method you pursue, gentle cleansing is still important, laying the foundation for the next skin care steps.

2. Apply serum

The singer calls the twice-daily serum application a “face vitamin” to provide moisture as well as essential nutrients for the skin to recover and maintain a plump, fresh look. “I like to think of it like taking vitamins in the morning.”

3. Sun protection

J.Lo considers this the most important step in her skincare routine. She says that applying sunscreen regularly is the biggest beauty secret she has maintained since her early twenties.

4. Apply eye cream

The last step, J.Lo applied eye cream to increase moisture for this skin area, to help limit the formation of wrinkles, crow’s feet as well as improve the condition of dark circles and puffiness.

The fiery figure of a mother of two.

The fiery figure of the mother of two

Besides skin care from the outside, Jennifer once emphasized: “Skin care is work from the inside”. This means that she always adheres to a regular diet, sleeps so that the body as well as the skin can recover and regenerate. Along with healthy eating habits, Jennifer has been working out and applying intense training methods for many years. The mother-of-two is also highly aware of keeping an optimistic and cheerful spirit to help reverse aging from the inside out.

Quy trình skincare của Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has repeatedly affirmed that she does not inject botox or any drugs and does not rely on cutlery to maintain her youthful appearance. Some estheticians believe that J.Lo was telling the truth because the singer did not need to rely on plastic surgery at all when she spent more than 3,000 pounds (about 100 million VND) a month on treatments. skin care and many anti-aging products. Some experts in the cosmetology industry believe that Jennifer Lopez regularly applies skin therapy with biological light, microdermabrasion, collagen proliferation by RF waves … to prevent skin aging as well as antibacterial, limit cause acne.

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