Interesting huge sized vegetables

The world is full of interesting things, and objects of enormous size always attract special attention. The joy of growers is owning large-sized plants and vegetables.

 Some of it is due to natural mutations, but most of it is due to the experience of farming and special care.

Let’s admire the amazing sized vegetables in the world, to add respect to the hard working farmers and understand the joy of their profession.

 Director of the annual Harrogate Autumn Flower exhibition – Martin Fish next to a giant cabbage tree during the exhibition’s 100th anniversary event.

Giant pumpkin weighing 392.8 kg grown in Goulbourn has won the biggest pumpkin prize
in a small Easter show in Sydney

Legendary giant fruit grower Bernard Lavery and
some of his achievements 1995.

A 42-inch (approximately 150 cm) long cucumber by farmer Clare Pearce of Whittleset, Peterborough.

Mr. Nissan Tamir from Omer, Israel has discovered that the turnips he grows are
constantly growing, with an average weight of about 10 kg each.

Antonio Martone from Hampshire has a tomato five times larger than normal, the fruit of his own cultivation with seeds sent by his family from Naoles.

Young Michael Kingston poses for a photo with a 5.7 kg leek plant at the West Show Ground exhibition in Shepton Mallet, Somerset in 1999.

Ms. Rong Guiling with a giant mushroom that she planted in Guangxi, China.

The most expensive white mushroom in the world was found in huge size and weight 15 kg. It sold for 160,000 pounds (approximately 5.7 billion).

Photo taken in 1973 captures farmer
Bob Eynstone with his 2.3 kg carrot.

Gardener Phillip Vowles and his son Andrew with
their 51kg giant squash in Llanarry, south Wales

This giant 815 kg onion is the pride of Peter Glazebrook. It helped him win at Harrogate Autumn Flower Show 2012 with the title of heaviest onion.

He is also the owner of the largest cabbage plant at the fair, it weighs 36.7 kg and has to use a trolley to carry it .

Some other unique images from the annual autumn agricultural exhibition Harrogate Autumn Flower Show:


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