Inside the second wedding of Riyad Mahrez and model girlfriend at the lavish hotel in London

RIYAD MAHREZ has tied the knot for a second time with model Taylor Ward in a beautiful London wedding.

The couple had already wed back in January 2022 in a Muslim ceremony

Riyad Mahrez and Taylor Ward got married for a second time

They tied the knot at The Londoner Hotel and were joined by his two kids from a previous marriage and their baby

Taylor stunned in a beautiful white dress

This time, their closest friends and relatives attended the ceremony at The Londoner Hotel in the center of the West End.

Taylor, 25, later posted on Instagram some images from the event that showcase her lovely white outfit.

Mahrez, 32, however, looked sharp in a black tux.

Taylor praised two bridal vendors for her outfit in a caption she added to the images.

She also gave thanks to an events company for making the day “special”.

She wrote: “Marry your best friend, part 1🫶🏻.

“Thank you for my beautiful dress @lihihod, it was perfect 🤍@brownsbride.

“And @chicpr_ for making the day so special🤍.”

The happy couple were showered with confetti as they left the venue 

It is the second time they have got married 

Mahrez and Taylor were also joined by his two daughters, Inaya and Ayla, from his previous marriage and their baby, Mila.

Many stars of the football and celebrity world loved seeing the pictures and flooded the comment section.

Taylor’s furniture designer and Real Housewives of Cheshire star mum, Dawn, declared: “The most amazing day you all look incredible. Me and Dad are super proud, love you all so much.”

Former Newcastle star Allan Saint-Maximin commented: “Very beautiful, it’s strong ♥️.”

Ex-Brighton and Fulham ace Anthony Knockaert wrote: “Thank God ❤️ magnificent brother. May Allah protect you.”

Premier League winner Danny Simpson said: “Congrats you 2 ❤️❤️.”

Ilkay Gundogan’s partner Sara added: “Omg congratulations 🤍🫠😭😍 love it.”

Michael Owen’s daughter and Love Island star Gemma gushed: “You look beautiful, congratulations.”

The dining tables were covered in flowers 

The placemats included lovely Polaroid pictures

One snap showed Mahrez and Taylor kissing 

Nathan Ake’s partner Kaylee penned: “Congratulations, beautiful couple.”

Taylor’s friend Maddy Evans also shared some snaps from the wedding, giving another glimpse of the day.

In one photo, she showed off the flower-filled dining tables, and in another, a cute Polaroid snap of the couple having a kiss can be seen.

The happy couple plan on having a third lavish wedding abroad next year.

Mahrez enjoyed a fabulous season last time out with Manchester City as he helped the club win a famous treble.

However, the winger left the Citizens in the summer.

He was one of the many players to be snapped up by the Saudi Pro League as he joined Al-Ahli.

Mahrez has since made five appearances in the Saudi Pro League, bagging two goals and two assists.

Mahrez left Manchester City in the summer for Saudi outfit Al-Ahli

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