Inside the Katara royal yacht of Qatar’s royal family

Coming to Qatar, visitors are not only interested in a special culture but also surprised by its wealth and expensiveness. Including the “floating palace on the sea”, the superyacht Katara. Katara possesses a massive, splendid style and contains a lot of luxury items, typical of the luxurious and rich image of the Qatar Royal Family.

The Royal Qatar’s Katara superyacht weighs 7,922 tons, has a length of 124 meters, longer than this year’s World Cup stadium. Katara is worth up to nearly 400 million USD (9.7 trillion VND) and the interior is super expensive about several trillion USD.

While the stadiums used at the World Cup are usually between 100 and 110 meters in length, the Katara yacht is up to 124 meters long. Falmouth Pocket says the yacht has a helicopter deck, satellite communications (the ship’s most distinctive feature), multiple refueling vessels and jet skis. The yacht is also said to have recreational facilities such as a sea club, multiple swimming pools, a gym, a beauty salon and a hot tub.

According to the Yacht Bible, most of the yacht’s decks are covered and lack outdoor space, meaning its luxurious pools and facilities are located inside.

With a huge capacity, Katara can accommodate 34 guests and has 14 cabins, served by 95 sailors on the yacht. Therefore, the “floating city” Katara is only for the most special guests and always provides the best service. The boat has strong performance thanks to the twin diesel MTU (20V1163 M94) with 20 cylinders 9,925 hp. The yacht has a steady speed of 15 knots and a top speed of 20 knots.

Stylish, massive, gorgeous and full of luxury are what people describe about the yacht dedicated to the Qatari royal family. Since ancient times, the image of the Thani family has always been associated with architecture, luxury real estate and this yacht is no exception.

The floating city reserved for the nobility has so far remained a mystery to the “yacht world” and everything that happens inside this yacht is also kept secret, creating an attraction for visitors. Mysterious privacy also makes this ship’s trademark, rare images of close-up of the outdoor living spaces on the deck.

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