“I swore I’d never work with him again”: Jennifer Lopez Claims She Was Violated by Marvel Star, Later Asked Her Out Despite Being Aware of Her Boyfriend

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Known for her contributions to the music and movie industry, Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Throughout her career, she has played a plethora of roles ranging from romcom to dramas and crime thrillers. And her versatility and her record at the Box Office have solidified her reputation as a multifaceted actress earning her a significant fan following in the industry.

Jennifer Lopez

The actress has always been vocal about the good and bad things that might happen to one being a movie star. Unlike other stars, she is transparent when something rubs her off in the wrong way. One such instance was when Jennifer Lopez was working with Wesley Snipes, and she had a horrible experience working with the Sugar Hill actor.

Jennifer Lopez Despised Working With Wesley Snipes

In an exclusive interview with SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Jennifer Lopez was asked if she had a bad experience doing a love scene in a film. The Hustler actress replied how horrible it was for her to work with Wesley Snipes in Money Train, calling him a “total jerk.” She explained that Money Train was her first big role in a major movie, which had a love scene between the two actors, and she was nervous. 

“Ugh! It was horrible. It was my first one… my first big role in a big-budget movie. And I had to do this love scene. And I had never done a love scene before. I mean, I had done kissing, caressing, you know, but I had never done a sex scene before, so I was really nervous.”

“I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t think it was necessary. I wish now I had put up more of a fight. But when you first start working professionally, if you wanna work and you want your chance, you take whatever they give you. I didn’t think I had the right to say “No”, like, “No, I’m not doing this, and that’s it!”

Wesley Snipes and Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez and Wesley Snipes in Money Train

J.Lo explained that it was an action film, and tried to politely skip the scene from the 1995 movie.

“We don’t really need this. It’s not that kind of film. This is an action movie. It’s not in the script.”

Jennifer Lopez recalled that the intimate scene was not even part of the original script, and the producers decided to add it after she went on board. She believes that the lovemaking scene was uncalled for, and it was a demand by Snipes to the producers of the film.

“That’s the thing: It wasn’t even in the original script! The producers added it during filming. It wasn’t called for. It served no purpose in the story. You know what I mean? They just wanted a sex scene. Or rather the star did. Who was just a total jerk.”

images.jpeg 21
Wesley Snipes

Lopez explained that the Blade actor forced her to play the scene, and blackmailed her into that she would gain a bad reputation in the industry. They did the scene and it was a “horrible” experience for her.

“He was a big star at that time, with a lot of clout, and I was just starting out. It was my big break. And he really pressured me. He told me if the scene wasn’t hot enough, my part would end up on the cutting room floor. And that it would be bad for my career, like I’d get a reputation as difficult to work with.”

“So we did it, and it was horrible. We were both completely naked, with nothing between us except a sock on his b*ner! I was so naïve then. Now I would have pillows and covers and whatever to prevent contact, but I didn’t know any better.”


Jennifer Lopez felt violated during the whole scene, swearing she would never work with Wesley Snipes again, and concluded by saying it serves him right to be doing poorly in the industry.

“So here’s this famous actor, basically humping my leg and pawing away at my br**sts and kissing them. It was awful. I felt violated. I swore I’d never work with him again. He’s not done too well lately anyway… so maybe that’s karma!”

However, Wesley Snipes did not stop there, as the Demolition Man actor persisted to step up their relationship despite being fully aware, she was already in a relationship.

Jennifer Lopez Called Out Wesley Snipes for His Behavior


In a separate interview, the Out of Sight actress talked about the derogatory behavior of Wesley Snipes, explaining how he was being too flirtatious with her. She shared some instances such as how he would try to kiss her, he pursued her despite being aware J.Lo had a boyfriend.

images 1.jpeg 23
Jennifer Lopez and Wesley Snipes

“Wesley – even though I had a boyfriend at the time – went full-court press. He was flirting with me-you always flirt with your co-stars, harmless-then he just started getting a little more serious. He would invite us all out together and then at the end of the night, he’d drop me off last and try to kiss me. I’d be like, ‘Wesley, please, I’m not interested in you like that.’ He got really upset about it. His ego was really bruised. He wouldn’t talk to me for two months.”

Since Lopez has always been outspoken when she has been bothered by someone, and as a result, it is quite natural that she does not have any positive or kind words to say for her co-star from the 1995 film.


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