“I can’t do that. And next time I won’t”: Ben Affleck’s Wife Jennifer Lopez is Not Comfortable With Explicit Nudity Anymore, Admits She Won’t Hesitate to Say No to Filmmakers

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With so many accolades to her name in both the music and film industries, Jennifer Lopez has stayed at the top of the hierarchy in both worlds and has experienced many things that come with the job description. Thus, as she matured while coming up as a talented individual, she made certain choices that would ensure her future happiness.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

One of those decisions that she learned she had to make was not doing scenes in her movies that need her to be naked on the set and in front of a rolling camera. She made this conscious decision after years of doing these scenes with her co-stars, and as she continued, she made up her mind that as changes occur in our lives, we have to adapt accordingly.

Jennifer Lopez Would Not Be Explicitly Naked In Films Anymore

Jennifer Lopez on the cover of her album "This Is Me... Now"
Jennifer Lopez on the cover of her album “This Is Me… Now”

While she may have been OK with doing love scenes for her films in the past, Jennifer Lopez still knew where to put the boundaries regarding how much nudity should be displayed on the camera. Despite engaging in some pretty artistic and chemistry-heavy love scenes in the past, the Enough star had the wisdom to make changes to those beliefs when the environment and situations start to change as time passes.

During an interview with The Miami Herald, Lopez talked about this exact same topic and how she will manage this as her career advances. She talked about as she gets older, she would let the directors know when she was not comfortable shooting a love scene, or she would have a limit set in place that will help her determine when it’ll be too much. She said:

“There were times I hit the wall early on and you go, ‘OK I can’t do that,’ You don’t know you have limits when you’re young. Then you reach the limit, and you go, ‘Oh, I can’t do that. And next time I won’t.’ Then when you have kids it’s another reality check. I have to be the best for them. You go, ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do that. No. The answer is no. That’s too much in one day. Take that out. Move that.’”


Thus, keeping checks and adapting to her surroundings and time, Lopez has managed to create a balance in both her private and professional life to be happy.

What’s Next For Jennifer Lopez?

Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Lopez in a still from Shotgun Wedding
Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Lopez in a still from Shotgun Wedding

Making her decisions clear about her intentions to present herself on screen, the Anaconda star has started taking roles in the industry that fit her choices. In the recent past, she was seen starring alongside Josh Duhamel in the romance/comedy film Shotgun Wedding. Next, she appeared in another film from the same genre titled Marry Me, clearly stating what type of films she’s interested in. This year, she’s set to take a different approach by becoming a caring yet dangerous mother in the upcoming The Mother.


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