Huge amount of money earned by ‘Fast X’ stars

With a huge budget, part 10 “Fast & Furious” gathers a cult star cast. The level of salary they receive when participating in this project also has a significant difference.

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Fast X hit theaters at the very beginning of summer, quickly becoming a “hit” to warm up the box office. The work, led by French director Louis Leterrier, was invested with a budget of $ 340 million – the second largest figure in history. According to statistics of Box Office Mojo , by the end of June 22, the film has earned nearly 680 million USD , of which 535.7 million USD from the international market. Photo: Looper .

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With a huge budget, it is not surprising that the Universal house project gathers a cult star cast. Prominent names can be mentioned such as Vin Diesel, Jason Momoa, Alan Ritchson, Michelle Rodriguez, Brie Larson, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, John Cena and even The Rock… Because of the different screen time, sand level The -xe that each star receives also has a significant difference. Photo: Radio Times.

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Vin Diesel is the highest-paid star in Fast X. This is not at all surprising as his name is already associated with Fast & Furious , arguably the “soul of the franchise”. According to Bolavip , the amount he received was up to 20 million USD . In the movie , Vin Diesel plays the male lead Dom (Dominic Toretto). He and his family on the one hand have to dodge the government’s hunt, on the other hand, struggle to cope with the revenge of the villain Dante Reyes. The acting of the 55-year-old star is controversial because it has not improved. However, he still shines in the action scenes – the specialty of this series. Photo: The Direct.

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Jason Statham surprised as the 2nd highest paid star in Fast X , just behind Vin Diesel. In fact, the actor’s screen time is negligible when he only appears in a small scene. As revealed by Arynews , he received a salary of 15 million USD . In the film, the actor born in 1967 plays Deckard Shaw. Although there is not much acting space, Jason Statham’s performance is still impressive and creates sympathy. Shaw had a dramatic fight with the government soldiers, with full action skills from close combat to skillful use of guns. Photo: ComingSoon .

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Michelle Rodriguez is the highest paid female star in the film, with an amount of $ 2.5 – 3 million . She plays Letty Ortiz, the current wife of the male lead Dom. Letty was said to have died in part 4 but suddenly reappeared in Fast & Furious 6 and recovered his memories in part 7. The character did not have too much acting space in Fast X. However, she still made an impression thanks to a short but satisfying “match” with the old villain Cipher. In real life, the star born in 1978 is no longer a strange face to the big screen audience. She was dubbed the “female hit” of Hollywood with a series of thorny roles, heavy action. Photo: Digital Spy.
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John Cena received a salary of $ 2 million when he accepted to join Fast X , according to Koimoi . In the film, he plays Jakob Toretto, Dom’s younger brother. The character who appeared in season 9 as a villain, was introduced as a genius thief, a super driver and spent his life trying to outdo his brother. The combination of Jakob and the super terrorist Cipher creates a terrible danger. However, in this part, Jakob becomes an “ally” of the Dom family. The character does not appear much, mainly takes on the role of throwing jokes to laugh at the audience. Photo: Entertainment Weekly.
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Brie Larson received a salary of $ 1 million for appearing in Fast X. This number is considered quite modest. In the film, the actress plays Tess, the daughter of Mr. Nobody. She is the one who turned her back on The Agency and helped Dom and his family in their journey to face the villain Dante. The beauty impresses with her eye-catching appearance and strong personality, although the screen time is not too much. Born in 1989, Brie Larson has led many successful film projects. In it, the MCU’s Captain Marvel has brought her name to life. Photo: Collider .

Tyrese Gibson also received the same remuneration as Brie Larson – 1 million USD – when he accepted the role of Fast X. In the film, he played Roman Pearce. Appearing from part 2 and making an impression from Fast Five until now, the character is known as the “comedy tree” of the whole series. He used to spend time in prison and interact with criminals, but before each dangerous mission, Roman is often the one to back down and become everyone’s joke. However, he was never absent and betrayed his teammates when needed. Photo: Screen Rant.

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Sung Kang and Jordana Brewster both received a salary of $ 800,000 in the Fast X project. In the film, the two incarnated Han Lue and Mia Toretto, respectively. Han is a somewhat quieter character than Dom, Brian O’Conner or Luke Hobbs, but his coldness is always attractive when appearing. Meanwhile, Mia is the beautiful sister of Dom and also the wife of Brian O’Conner. After giving birth, she no longer had the opportunity to participate in the action missions of her husband and brother. Instead, Mia brings touching moments of family affection. Photo: Thrillist Australia / Digital Spy .
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Nathalie Emmanuel joined Fast X with a salary of 700 thousand USD . Beauty plays Ramsey, first appearing in season 7. The character is introduced as a female hacker of English origin, helping Dom’s team to quickly solve technology problems. It is she who is the author of the “divine eye” software. She then teamed up with Tej and Romance, forming a childish team that regularly creates laughter in the audience. In real life, the beauty born in 1989 has 3 Dominican – Saint Lucia – English bloodlines. Before joining Fast & Furious , she used to appear in the series Game of Thrones , The Maze Runner or Megalopolis … Photo: Polygon .
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Chris “Ludacris” Bridges received a salary of 600,000 USD in this project. He plays the character Tej Parker, who first appeared in season 2 as an organizer of illegal races, and was later upgraded to a talented hacker and pilot crew in Fast Five . This character has a lot of juggling with Roman and amusing the audience. He does not participate in any hand-to-hand combat and does not participate too much in car-related action, but deals with technical issues. Besides the ability to plan in detail, Tej also possesses a remarkable martial arts talent. Photo: Looper .

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