Floyd Mayweather, Who Just Fought Against New York Crime Family Boss’ Grandson, Once Explained Why 260 Lbs Dwayne Johnson Would Be Useless in a Street Fight

Wrestling fans often confuse professional wrestling with other combat sports such as MMA and boxing. However, despite all three of them coming under the umbrella of combat sports, they are vastly different. Despite Dwayne Johnson being a professional wrestler, it is unlikely he would survive in a boxing or MMA match, or even a street fight.

Despite his massive popularity and background in sports, Johnson could not survive a boxing match or an MMA fight. And 46-year-old boxer who recently faced the heir of the Italian mafia in the ring clarified that.

Which 46-year-old boxer criticized Dwayne Johnson for his combat skills in a real fight?

Professional wrestling is mostly staged than producing actual blows. And 46-year-old boxer Floyd Mayweather once clarified it. During an episode of ‘Cold as Balls’ Floyd Mayweather would ask Kevin Hart about a potential opponent he would like to fight.


Hart in his usual mannerism would answer, “at this time, I would probably want The Rock.” However, Mayweather would briefly explain why, despite being so fit and athletic, The Rock would not probably last long in an actual fight. Mayweather is one of the most experienced and successful boxers. With a career record of 50-0, Mayweather is arguably one of the greatest.

He explained that all the muscle mass on Dwayne Johnson would slow him down in a fight, giving an advantage to his opponent. Mayweather explained that being so beefed up, and weighing 260 lbs, would most likely act as a disadvantage for The Rock. He said, “One thing, about The Rock, he can wrestle but the muscles kind of slow you down.”


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