Failures at the FFF: Karim Benzema will not escape the interview at the National Assembly


The National Assembly’s commission of inquiry into failings within French sports federations could not imagine itself without him.

Obviously, the parliamentarians led by the environmentalist MP Sabriha Sebaihi are just waiting to be able to question Karim Benzema . They therefore made it clear to the native of Bron that he would have to honor his obligatory summons.

Failures at the FFF: Karim Benzema will not escape the interview at the National Assembly

Because the Al-Ittihad attacker had declined the invitation via his lawyers according to Le Parisien , indicating that he now lives in Saudi Arabia and cannot go to Paris to answer the deputies’ questions.

The date has not yet been set, but the hearing should take place behind closed doors and by videoconference. Suffice to say that this strongly resembles two conditions set by Karim Benzema to guarantee the commission of inquiry having a “prestige” interlocutor. And above all a player considered “potential victim of racist acts”. A lunar allusion to his long non-summoning by Didier Deschamps , whom the ex-Madrilenian had blamed on a “racist part of France” .

Less cold sweats concerning Laurent Blanc , who will pose no problem and will take advantage of the international break to go to the Assembly. The coach of Olympique Lyonnais, who is of interest to the commission since he was caught up in the controversy over French football quotas when he was coach of the Blues, is expected in Paris this Wednesday.

Patrick Vieira and Yannick Noah will also be auditioned in the coming days.

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