Dwayne Johnson Takes Note of Michael Jordan’s $2 Billion Fairytale Paycheck from Hornets Sale

Dwayne Johnson Takes Note of Michael Jordan's $2 Billion Fairytale Paycheck from Hornets Sale

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a renowned actor, and entrepreneur, boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $800 million. However, even with such a substantial fortune, he couldn’t help but take notice of the monumental sale that recently unfolded in the sports business world. Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball player turned businessman, earned a staggering $2 billion from the sale of the Charlotte Hornets. Johnson’s interest in the matter was evident when he was seen taking note of the informative tweet posted by Joe Pompliano, breaking down the details of Jordan’s impressive financial feat.


As the world continues to marvel at Michael Jordan’s lucrative deal, Dwayne Johnson’s reaction highlights the significance of this business transaction. Additionally, an unusual lawsuit involving both Johnson and Jordan has added an unexpected twist to their lives.

Dwayne Johnson’s Reaction to Informative Tweet on Michael Jordan’s Sale

Joe Pompliano, a prominent figure in the sports business community, shared a comprehensive analysis of Michael Jordan’s sale of the Charlotte Hornets. Upon reading Pompliano’s tweet, Dwayne Johnson expressed his appreciation, acknowledging the significance of the information provided. Pompliano’s breakdown shed light on some noteworthy aspects of the deal, including Jordan’s initial investment and the remarkable profit he generated from the transaction.

Pompliano highlighted the fact that Michael Jordan purchased the Charlotte Hornets for a relatively small sum in 2010. However, with the recent sale of the team for a staggering $3 billion, Jordan’s financial triumph is evident. He has now made more money from the Hornets, surpassing $2 billion, than his earnings from his illustrious 40-year partnership with Nike, which amounted to approximately $1.8 billion.

This sports business deal stands as one of the most remarkable in history and has drawn attention from various high-profile individuals, including Dwayne Johnson.

Unusual Lawsuit Involving The Rock and MJ

In an unexpected turn of events, former TNA talent Rhaka Khan, also known as Trenesha Biggers, filed a lawsuit against multiple wrestling bodies and personalities, which included Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Michael Jordan. The legal case sought a staggering $3 billion in damages and alleged a conspiracy involving kidnapping.

In 2019, authorities indicted Rhaka Khan on charges of interfering with child custody and facilitating aggravated kidnapping. Following several missed arraignments, an arrest warrant was issued against her, leading to her arraignment in December 2022. It was during this time that she filed the lawsuit, accusing various defendants, including Dwayne Johnson and Michael Jordan, of conspiring to “kidnap the plaintiff and her children.”

The lawsuit gained approval in February, but as of now, none of the defendants have received legal notices regarding the case. Filed in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York in October 2022, the lawsuit targets wrestling promoters, personalities, government bodies, and other entities. This legal situation has caused an unexpected twist in the lives of both Dwayne Johnson and Michael Jordan.

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