DONE DEAL: Man City makes Josko Gvardiol the most expensive blockbᴜster in history

Pep Guardiola has just brought extremely “hoт news” to Man City fans with the second blockbuster contract arriving at Etihad this summer, Josko Gvardiol.

The Croatian center-back moved from German club RB Leipzig. An extremely quality contract, especially after a series of bad news when many of the top star players of the Spanish coach expressed their desire to leave.

The information was corrected by journalist, transfer expert Fabrizio Romano on his personal Twitter a few hours ago.

The 21-year-old central defender is considered one of the top central defenders at the moment with qualities and qualifications that have been confirmed for many consecutive seasons, especially the explosion at the 2022 World Cup taking place. launched in Qatar last year.

It is known that this deal happened very quickly when the parties were “very in agreement” with each other from the opening of negotiations to the closing date of the contract. According to many other sources, this contract was originally closed a month ago, and Josko Gvardiol recently flew to Manchester City and completed a medical examination in a very discreet manner.

With the presence of Gvardiol, Pep Guardiola’s defense will consist of “terrible goods” with world leading names such as John Stones, Ruben Dias, Manuel Akanji, or Nathan Ake. Surely, the Spanish captain was very reassured with the “rocks” in front of Ederson Moraes’ goal next season.

Thus, Josko Gvardiol officially became Man City’s second rookie this summer with the club’s record transfer fee of £ 100 million, after Mateo Kovacic. Before that, Man City also had a £ 100 million contract, Jack Grealish

The Spaniard decided to reside in Manchester’s city center rather than other football stars’ preferred suburbs with lots of villas.

The Guardiolas eventually relocated to a lavish apartment in Manchester’s Deansgate City Suites.

His apartment is furnished but has a modern, minimalistic design. Tim Allen serves as the chef at a well-known restaurant that is located directly on the ground floor of the residence of the Man City coach. Pep is welcome to stop by at any time to eat.

Pep leases a private floor rather than an apartment. Pep now has the best space to unwind and avoid interruptions thanks to the owners of Man City.

The Guardiolas eventually moved to trendy Deansgate

The Man City manager now lives at the plush City Suites in the city centre

The City manager can unwind in the private swimming pool

The City manager’s eventual choice of home in Manchester means he can keep himself in shape in the private gym

The City boss can cook up a feast in the kitchen… or rely on the ground floor restaurant’s top chef

The building Guardiola lives in is a 16-storey high rise

Guardiola can chill out in the luxurious living area

Each apartment has a plush modern bathroom

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