Dilo – the cat that was burned alive by the owner is recovering well every day

According to information from the Hanoi cat and dog rescue station, Dilo’s wounds are gradually recovering, not necrotic, and the cat’s spirit is more stable.

On the evening of November 2, the representative of the Hanoi Cat and Dog Rescue Station shared an update on the health status of Dilo – the cat was burned alive by the owner in gasoline on the night of October 27.

Accordingly, the wounds on Dilo’s body are gradually recovering well, the burns are non-invasive and non-necrotic. ‘Somehow, he is recovering very well day by day.

Dilo - the cat that was burned alive by his owner is recovering well every day-1

Dilo’s current image, recovering day by day

The burns in the area of ​​​​his face and ears are drying and healing gradually, no longer producing pus. A large burn in the abdomen was also broken but there was no sign of invasive necrosis. After the pus burst, the abdominal skin is starting to heal and become more pink.

And because our Dilo is very smart, he knows how to lie on his side instead of sitting in fear of pinching his four legs, so the soles of his feet are not pressured to stand all day and begin to dry, no longer red and peeled skin like the first day in the hospital’ – information from the place where Dilo is carrying and treating.

Dilo’s spirit also improved, ‘although he still coaxed because of the pain, so he refused to take the initiative to eat, but if the doctor fertilized him, he could still eat a little, even though his appetite was still very showy’.

Dilo - the cat that was burned alive by his owner is recovering well every day-2Dilo the time he was taken to the rescue station

Information about Dilo’s health was shared, making many people breathe a sigh of relief. Before that, Dilo was burned alive by his owner in the night. The cause of this action is to be angry with the girlfriend.

In the recorded clip, at the time of the incident, the poor animal caught fire and ran away like a living torch.

The person who broke up with Dilo later admitted his entire behavior, and offered to pay the full cost of Dilo’s treatment. The girlfriend also texted the rescue station asking to pick up Dilo, but the station did not agree.

Currently, information about Dilo’s miraculous recovery is still receiving many shares on social networks.

Clip: Another angle shows a scared cat running like a torch after being burned alive by its owner

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