“Choking” the rescue of a cat stuck in a narrow concrete pipe: Next time, let’s leave it alone!

Recently, on social networks, the rescue of a cat stuck in a concrete pipe made many people “hold their breath” to watch.

Somehow and how, the cat was able to get into the narrow hollow of this concrete section. When it wanted to get out, it could only stick out its head, and the entire rear body was stuck in it. No matter how hard it tried, it still couldn’t get out. The cat had to “surrender” to lie still and wait to die.

The cat is also stressed and worried because he is stuck and can’t get out of this concrete slab.

Fortunately, the cat’s owner, Ms. Yana Valentinova (who lives in Avangard, Odesa Ukraine), quickly discovered its dangerous condition. The woman immediately informed the rescue team to rescue the cat.

First, two rescuers used a rock saw to cut the concrete slab. They align very carefully so as not to frighten the cat, nor injure it. Then, they pressed the cat’s head in and showed it how to crawl back to the concrete that had been drilled into a hole.

2 rescuers had to drill through concrete slabs to save the cat.

The cat quickly followed instructions and was rescued within minutes as a result.

The cat is also very cooperative with the rescuers to rescue himself.

This spectacular cat rescue quickly received the attention of netizens. Many people think that the cat is lucky to meet a kind owner and professional lifeguards.

Others think that looking at the cat’s appearance is both funny and sad. It only played once, but it almost couldn’t meet its owner again.

” It looks like Sun Wukong in the past was punished by the Buddha to suffer the mountain scene for 500 years”, “It’s too naughty, next time I will not dare to go in anymore”, “Luckily the owner found it in time”. .. are netizens’ comments about this cat’s story.

Image of a rescuer cuddling a cat after getting out of danger.

Particularly its owner is phen howling. Ms. Yana said she couldn’t breathe as soon as she saw her cat stuck like that. When the rescuers came to work, she was nervous and worried a lot until she was able to hold the cat in her arms after the rescue.

Yana also thanked the rescue team for reuniting her and her pet. 

Currently, the cat is eating, sleeping, and playing normally. And it seems that it doesn’t remember anything after the wild mischief that almost lost its life. However, Yana thinks that from now on she will keep an eye on her cat wherever she is!


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