Chicken breed owns a meter-long tail, measures the tail for hundreds of millions

Doing business, getting rich is the dream of many people, there are people who sell jewelry, sell cosmetics, … and there are also many people who, after doing business from agriculture, have become “millionaires of farmers”, with income. average monthly income of several hundred million.

As the story of Mr. Nguyen Van Hien (45 years old, Tay Ninh) below has surprised many people because of his income of hundreds of millions of dong just from selling chickens.

The Onagadori chicken breed has a very special tail feather.  (Photo: Zing News)

The Onagadori chicken breed has a very special tail feather

Poultry business is not a strange thing, but with Mr. Hien’s chicken breed, it is very different, with a valuation of hundreds of millions of dong/head.

The story begins when a few years ago Mr. Hien was very impressed with the Onagadori ornamental chicken breed when he saw it because it was full of courage but also extremely delicate. He decided to invest 143 million to buy 2 children (one male, one female) purebred from the Netherlands to raise and breed.

The Onagadori is a breed of chicken that originated in Japan.  (Photo: Zing News)
The Onagadori is a breed of chicken that originated in Japan.

At first, when he was new to raising chickens, he didn’t have much experience, plus he was worried because the Vietnamese climate was not suitable for this breed to develop, so Hien faced many difficulties, but in the end, after researching and learning these chickens, Mr. This million silver chicken has grown well, less disease.

Talking about this breed of chicken, which costs up to hundreds of millions of dong a chicken, is thanks to the beauty of their tails. Onagadori is a breed of chicken originating from Japan, the tail feathers are the most important part.

Therefore, it requires the farmer to take good care to produce the most perfect product, an adult chicken with tail feathers can reach 6-7m and each month the tail feathers can grow about 7-10cm longer. .

Only males possess such long tail feathers.  (Photo: Tien Phong)

Only males possess such long tail feathers. 

According to Mr. Hien, the longer, thicker and more uniform the tail feathers are, the higher the value of the chicken, in order to do that, the farmer must keep the chicken’s tail from breaking or breaking. On average, Hien bathes the chickens once or twice a week, this process also requires a lot of meticulousness.

First, use shampoo to clean the tail hair, then use conditioner to make the hair softer and smoother. Immediately after that, use a hair dryer to dry the coat, otherwise it will quickly rot and fall off. The whole process of bathing them requires 2 people and takes half an hour to complete.

To clean their coat must use shampoo and conditioner.  (Photo: Zing News)
To clean their coat must use shampoo and conditioner. 

Then use a dryer to dry.  (Photo: Zing News)

Then use a dryer to dry

However, only male Onagadori have long tail feathers, while the female looks quite similar to normal chickens. Therefore, customers who play ornamental chickens will often choose male chickens and hens, they will be raised for breeding.

Out of more than a dozen Onagadori, Mr. Hien owns a rather rare and outstanding white one because no one owns the second one. He shared that it is so precious because it has the longest fur in the herd, nearly 2.5m. , nice body. Someone paid more than 150 million VND to get it, but Hien decided not to sell it.

The chicken has very long tail feathers.  (Photo: Zing News)
The chicken has very long tail feathers

Chickens possessing extremely valuable white feathers.  (Photo: Tien Phong)

Chickens possessing extremely valuable white feathers

It can be seen that with this special breed of chickens, the process of taking care of them is equally special, but with their rare beauty, it will certainly make many people not afraid to withdraw their wallets to buy an “uncle” right away. for myself.


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