Caught a rare fish with huge bulging eyes as big as a light bulb

A tourist suddenly caught a rare and strange dinosaur-like fish with bulging eyes as big as light bulbs, completely disproportionate to its small body.

Oscar Lundahl, 19, was trying to catch a blue flounder when he suddenly saw an unusual fish swimming downstream off the coast of Andoya, Norway.

Spending 30 minutes reeling with the fish, the animal finally bit the line. “I just felt something strange, but then suddenly lifted the fishing rod ashore:,” Lundahl said.

Catch a rare fish with huge bulging eyes as big as a light bulb - 1
Strange fish with giant bulging eyes

It was a very peculiar looking fish with huge, bulbous eyes, completely out of proportion to its small body. According to a Nordic angler, this creature belongs to the mouse fish, a relative of sharks dating back 300 million years.

The Latin name of this rare fish is Chimaeras Monstrosa Linnaeus. It is known that this name is derived from the monster in Greek mythology with the head of a lion and the tail of a dragon.

Caught a rare fish with huge bulging eyes as big as a light bulb - 2
After disembarking, the fish died from the sudden change in pressure

This is a fish that usually lives in very deep water, so it is rarely caught. They possess large bulging eyes to see the dark areas under the ocean. Unfortunately, when brought to the surface of the water, the fish died due to extreme pressure changes.

Not wanting to waste it, the Norwegian guest brought the fish home and deep-fried it. “Despite its ugly appearance, it is very delicious. The meat is quite similar to cod, but it tastes better,” said Lundahl.

Catch a rare fish with huge bulging eyes as big as a light bulb - 3
This fish is rarely caught because it lives in the depths of the ocean

Although strange, this mouse fish is not harmful to humans. They mainly eat crustaceans such as crabs, sea snails, clams, etc.

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