Britney Spears revealed to have healed with her sister

Pop star Britney Spears said she visited her sister after a long conflict, not seeing each other face to face.

On Instagram on June 20, Britney posted a dance video on the boat and shared the good news. She wrote: “It was great to visit my sister at the studio last week! I miss her so much! It’s so nice to visit family!”.

Though Britney didn’t specify what movie her sister is acting in, Jamie Lynn Spears recently revealed her new movie, Zoey 102 , will be out next month.

Britney and her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.  Photo: Image Group LA

Britney and her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. Photo: Image Group LA

The relationship between Britney and her sister took a turn for the worse when Jamie Lynn Spears released an autobiography early last year that included unflattering details about Britney’s past. In the book, Jamie Lynn writes that her sister has many erratic, paranoid behaviors. Jamie also mentioned Britney in several television interviews. Frustrated by her sister’s exploitation and bad talk, Britney asked Jamie to stop mentioning her name, and at the same time accused her sister of being a hypocrite, and abused and exploited her family members for 13 years. household.

Britney Spears' sister Jamie Lynn opens up about childhood: 'I was a prop'  | Fox News

Last month, Britney also said that she had healed with her mother. The 41-year-old singer said that she met her mother at her home on May 24 and the two of them resolved disagreements and hurts over the years. “My mother just came to my house yesterday after three years. It’s been a long time. Every family has its ups and downs, but time heals all wounds! After being able to talk, let go of all the good things. It took me so long, I feel lucky that we’ve healed! I love you so much,” Britney wrote on Instagram.

Britney Spears once criticized her biological mother as a fake, abandoning her daughter during the 13 years she endured the harsh guardianship of her father. Britney even said that her mother was the one who came up with the idea to put her in conservatorship and did not defend her when she was put in a mental ward by her father. Before the posts of her daughter, Lynne Spears publicly apologized and hoped that the mother and daughter would heal.

Britney has faced many difficulties since she was released from custody. In addition to her estranged relationship with her family, she was refused visits by her two teenage sons. Recently, the singer has been caught up in rumors of psychological crisis, mental instability and drug use, but she strongly denies it. Britney says she is healthy and living well. Currently, the singer has a trip in tropical waters with her husband, actor Sam Asghari.

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