Blood Falls and the strangest waterfalls in the world

Blood Waterfall, Fire Waterfall or Horizontal Waterfall… are strange but equally spectacular waterfalls that have a special attraction for those who love to explore.

There are countless waterfalls all over the planet, many of which have become popular tourist attractions. However, the number of waterfalls that have a different appearance, really stand out and cause curiosity to the public is not much.

It doesn’t have to be the largest or the highest flow, the waterfalls have different colors, characteristics or look like “contrary to the laws of nature” that anyone who has ever contemplated will never forget.

Horsetail Falls

Located in Yosemite National Park, California, USA, Horsetail waterfall looks from a distance as beautiful as lava flowing into the abyss. This waterfall is also the only place in the world where you can admire the “fire waterfall”. This phenomenon occurs when the sun shines on the waterfall at sunset.

Under perfect conditions, the phenomenon of light refraction on the waterfall creates a fiery red color. This spectacular scene takes place only a few times a year, around mid-February. Therefore, visitors must research the right time to have the opportunity to admire the “fire waterfall”.

Horizontal Falls

Located in Talbot Bay, Western Australia, Horizontal Falls is famous for its horizontal flow instead of falling from above. This phenomenon occurs from two narrow canyons in the McLarty Range. The northern gorge is 20 meters wide. The south alley is 12 m wide.

The huge amount of water when pushed through the opening will create a temporary waterfall that can be up to 5 m high. The direction of the waterfall will change depending on the ebb and flow of the tide. Boats can navigate through these two openings at low tide.

Blood Falls

Discovered in 1911, Blood Falls looks like it came out of a horror movie. The waterfall originates from the Taylor Glacier in the dry McMurdo Valley, Antarctica. This blood-colored flow was initially explained by a species of red algae. However, the strange red color of the waterfall is actually caused by iron oxide.

The water in the waterfall has a high amount of salt and iron. In the harsh climate conditions, cold temperatures, sunlight cannot penetrate the thick ice, bacteria have lived here since millennia ago, feeding the body with iron and sulfur sources. .

Devil’s Kettle Falls

Located north of the vast Lake Superior in North America, Devil’s Kettle Falls is an attractive destination for adventure lovers. This waterfall is special because the flow is divided by a rock. In it, a stream flows to Lake Superior. The remaining stream flows into a bottomless pit.

Where the water flows into the deep hole has been a mystery for many years. Until early 2017, after conducting many experiments, scientists determined that the water flow did not disappear, but flowed underground back to the foot of the next waterfall and then poured into Lake Superior.

Asik-Asik . Waterfall

Asik-Asik Waterfall 60 m high, 140 m wide, is one of the interesting tourist attractions in Cotabato province, Philippines. The unique thing here is that the water is always rushing even though there is no river above. The water flowing down the waterfall flows from the cliffs covered with beautiful vegetation.

Local people believe that the cool water at this waterfall has the ability to cure diseases. This place is an interesting camping spot for visitors to immerse themselves in nature

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