At the World Defense Show 2024, Saudi Arabia presented an 8×8 155mm self-propelled howitzer.

Saudi Arabia seeks to enhance the firepower of its artillery units by acquiring modern artillery systems with improved range, accuracy, and lethality. The Saudi Arabian artillery modernization program emphasizes the importance of mobility and maneuverability to ensure rapid deployment and effective fire support in diverse operational environments. This may involve acquiring wheeled or tracked artillery platforms capable of quickly repositioning to support ground forces.

Besides importing combat vehicles from foreign partners, Saudi Arabia also actively invests in domestic defense projects. At the World Defense Show 2024, Saudi Arabia presented an 8×8 155mm self-propelled howitzer. This is a strategic breakthrough development that puts SAMI in direct competition with European defense giants, challenging the dominance of the French CAESAR and the German RCH 155 with its own advanced artillery solution.

Fully designed and developed within Saudi Arabia, this platform represents a major leap forward in self-propelled artillery, combining mobility, firepower, and precision. The howitzer is currently undergoing rigorous trials with the Saudi Armed Forces. This initiative is a collaborative effort between SAMI and the Saudi military, highlighting the nation’s commitment to enhancing its defense capabilities through domestic innovation.

Based on a Czech TATRA 8×8 truck chassis, the new howitzer features a crew armor cab at the front and a 155mm cannon at the rear, equipped with a semi-automatic loading system and storage for charge and rounds. Although specific details regarding ammunition capacity remain undisclosed, the vehicle promises to be a formidable addition to the Saudi arsenal.

The howitzer incorporates a sophisticated computerized fire control system, enabling precision targeting and firing operations both inside and outside the crew cab. Notably, the vehicle is armed with a variety of ammunition, including standard 155mm rounds, GPS-guided shells, and a locally produced version of the American M982 Excalibur—a precision-guided munition designed for close support scenarios and minimizing collateral damage in civilian proximity engagements.

Saudi Arabia has invested in modernizing its artillery force, acquiring advanced artillery systems from various countries. This includes self-propelled artillery such as the M109 Paladin, the CAESAR 155mm self-propelled howitzer, as well as multiple rocket launcher systems like the M270 MLRS, and the latest is the K239 Chunmoo systems from South Korea.

Overall, while specific details about the exact power and capabilities of Saudi Arabia’s artillery force may not be publicly disclosed, it is evident that the kingdom maintains a modern and capable artillery force equipped to address a range of security challenges and operational requirements. Continuous investment in modernization, training, and logistics ensures that Saudi Arabia’s artillery capabilities remain effective and relevant in the evolving security landscape of the region.


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