Ariana Grande settles the 7 rings case accused of plagiarism

The controversy over plagiarism of Ariana Grande’s hit song “7 Rings” has been settled and the court has announced the dismissal of the lawsuit.
7 Weeks for '7 Rings' Atop Hot 100: 13 Things to Know About the Charts This  Week | Billboard – Billboard

“7 Rings” is one of the most successful songs in American diva’s career as a singer Ariana Grande. With a catchy melody, catchy lyrics, and her powerful voice, this song released in early 2019 gradually climbed the charts and maintained the number one spot on the Hot 100 for 8 consecutive weeks. Less than a year later, “7 Rings” continued to cause storms in public opinion because of the scandal of plagiarism.

Ariana Grande

 7 Rings – the hottest song on the Hot 100 for 8 weeks in a row


In January 2020, a music producer named Josh Stone filed a lawsuit against Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” for plagiarizing his song “You Need I Got It” released in 2017. Specifically, Tamir Young stated. that two different musicologists have concluded that it is very likely that “7 Rings” copied the chorus and hook of “You Need I Got It”. The complaint emphasizes the “I want it/I got it/I want it/I got it” part of “7 Rings” with “You need it/I got it/You want it/I got it.” in the song by Josh Stone.

Josh Stone also said he introduced his song at a Universal Music Group event attended by one of Grande’s producers. With the allegation full of evidence, many experts say Ariana Grande is unlikely to face losing the case in court.

Ariana Grande 1

Ariana Grande and Josh Stone 

However, Ariana Grande’s side also has as many responses as the superstar’s song has its own differences and Josh Stone has no monopoly on everyday phrases used in the song like “I got it”. “(I got it).

In the end, the case was resolved amicably by both sides. Josh Stone said he and 13 defendants including producer and musician Ariana Grande have reached an agreement to have a happy ending for both. The case completely ended when the judge announced the dismissal of the charge because the two sides had successfully reached a mutual agreement.

Josh Stone did not want to disclose the terms between the two parties and kept quiet after the incident. Netizens talk about the huge amount of money he could receive to retain fame for one of superstar Ariana Grande’s biggest hits.

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